My New Don’t Leave Home Without It Checklist


1) A GOOD attitude or just stay home

2) An open mind. Who knows what wonderful things are out there waiting for you to receive them?Be open and ready so you don’t miss out

3) Positivity. Keep it in your pocket to counteract the negative you’re guaranteed to come across

4) Kindness Magnifying Glass so you can look a little closer when you think there’s none of it out there

5) Megaphone in case you really need to get someone’s attention like your daughter, when she forgets to say goodbye when you drop her off at school

Help me add to the list. What did I forget?

Megaphone Mania!


I have issues, I know it. I abhor noise and my happiest moments are when everyone is gone and the house is quiet. Okay, maybe I said that out of anger but the truth is I do love those first few moments when everyone is gone and it’s just me and the house. Obviously, on weekends, I am forced to skip over those moments of solitude and the noise and the sight of everyone causes my skin to crawl. Don’t think I am a terrible person, it only twitches a little bit, it doesn’t really crawl. Sometimes, when I am a bit irritated like I may appear to be today, I tend to exaggerate.

I would like to share my morning of complete chaos. We woke up and immediately started Scandal. Netflix is new for us so we are loving watching seasons of shows in their entirety. So, everyone woke up and I could hear banging and moving in the kitchen. Like a good mom, I shut off Scandal and moved toward the kitchen to make some pancakes. Kayleigh has a friend here and as we get to the kitchen, the girls are opening a can of spaghettios and pulling a slice of pizza from the box that was left on the counter all night. Scott is playfully and loudly putting on a show, I mean taunting the girls over their food choices as I continue to add ingredients to the bowl. Kayleigh starts loudly arguing why she is not going to swim practice today and the vision of both my husbands and daughters faces disappeared behind what became gigantic mouths opening and closing and opening and closer faster and faster until I spotted it. There, on the counter, waiting patiently to be noticed, shining in a ray of light was my megaphone. Like in Chariots of Fire, I moved toward it in slow motion and I wasn’t sure if the theme was playing in my ears or it was my usual tinnitus. I grabbed that beautiful device, held it to my mouth and screamed “You are going to swimming and I want some pancakes”. I even turned on the siren so I could not hear anyone talk. Then, when no one would leave the kitchen, I stormed out and in an exasperated tone announced I wasn’t hungry anymore.

A few minutes later, pancakes arrived and I am currently having breakfast in bed and licking dripped syrup off my ipad hoping with each touch of a letter, my finger does not completely stick.

Sometimes we all just need a little quiet or at least maybe a short time out! I hope your day started off less crazier than mine.