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I’m not one for making excuses for people, really I’m not. I think it’s important each and everyone of us takes responsibility for our lives including our words and actions. On the other hand, I have learned first hand that the story line that starts out as truth can easily be tweaked and edited to fit the readers agenda. The reader can then retell the story changing the most important part, the truth. I read something on Facebook today. It went something like this. 

Don’t judge others.

               You’re not perfect!

The words just jumped off the page and grabbed me by the head and shook it violently until I acknowledged the truth. How do I or anyone else for that matter, believe we are in any position to judge anyone else? The truth gets lost somewhere in gossiping the details. Remember when we were kids and we played the game telephone? We all repeated the same thing right, exactly what we heard. Only the end result was much different than the starting remark. Don’t fall victim to nonsense. I’ve seen my own story be rewritten to twist my heroism until I looked like the villain. People get it wrong because some people purposely tell the story wrong. Use your own mind. Do your own research and ask yourself, does this even make any sense? Come on people, you have to be smarter than the latest headline.