Good Morning


Sometimes we are fortunate enough to catch a moment like this. We don’t plan for the sun to come up each morning, we don’t force it, we don’t will it, we can’t resist it. It just happens. The beauty of life unfolds all around us. It’s not about our plan. It’s about noticing every blessing, every gift. The miracles pulling on our pant leg begging for us to notice, reminding us we are not in charge. You can’t force love. You are love. I am love. Let it in and use your precious life to shine like a beacon. Be a place of hope and peace for the lost souls who need a place to call home. Have a blessed day and enjoy the beauty of this precious moment.

Do You See Them?


Once in a while we wake up and realize miracles are in the little moments that somehow get overlooked. How do we even define a miracle? When I looked it up, this is the definition I was able to find.

Miracle-a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.                            
 This entire week has been filled with miracles or blessings in disguise and I am grateful that I looked up from the ordinary long enough to notice them unfold. 
My wish is that you have an amazing day. Take a moment to pay attention to all the amazing things going on around you. Count your blessings not your troubles.

Life’s Little Miracles


Today my nephew decided to greet the world. Isn’t it amazing how one simple event can put so many things into perspective all at once?  There are so many daily aggravations and  struggles that sometimes we forget to focus on the miracle it is that we are even alive. For whatever reason, we are born into a particular family and that family is the first influence that determines who we are and who we are meant to be. It’s hard to believe that life is random and everything comes down to coincidence. For me personally, I believe things turn out the way they should and sometimes they don’t make sense because we are always looking at a very small part of an enormous picture. I wish this little guy peace and happiness and the courage and ability to always stand strong on his own two feet. And of course, the rest of the crazy bunch(my family) will be cheering him on from the sidelines as he learns to walk through this exciting world. Pay attention to the miracles all around you. Don’t miss them because you are busy looking in the wrong direction. They are there and they are beautiful.

The Best Kind of Day


Imagine if you could wake up every morning and get good news. Today was one of those days. Every once in a while, something happens to put my heart back in the right place. Occasionally, I settle down and become aware of answered prayers where once there seemed little hope. When my mind and my heart are open, I can see the miracles right in front of me and my heart is full. Every life is a gift of hope. Every little life brings promise and a reminder that love can be such an amazing thing. Today is a happy day and I am grateful.

When is the last time you got good news? What was it?

Your Life Could End In A Heartbeat


Today, as I opened my eyes on this Satirday morning, I heard my husbands heartbeat. In that single moment I was reminded of the miracles all around me. While I go on with my usual daily business, my body is working behind the scenes to keep me alive. Life is precious and it’s nothing short of amazing that I am here today celebrating this precious gift as I continue to dance through my life. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the little things that we become obsessed with. We spend so much time fixated on something that no amount of thought is ever going to change. When we wake up and the sound of a heartbeat greets our day we remember how fragile, how beautiful, how mysteriously amazing life can be. Those who forget fall into a bitter sleep. They stop noticing the little things that fill us up with wonder and gratitude. Happiness slips from their grip and the everyday troubles become the focus of which they live. Remind yourself today and every day that life is a gift. The people in our lives are meant to support and love us while others are meant to challenge us until we grow. Live, love and appreciate every drop of rain, every morsel of food you put in your mouth. Be grateful for the abundance around you and wish everyone well, especially the ones who challenge you the most. Remind yourself that today is a gift and how lucky you are to be alive.