I’m about to tell you a secret truth that might make your eyes pop out of your head. In fact, it goes against everything you have even been taught but I invite you to read this in its entirety and at least give the concept some consideration. Monday was MLK day. Because it was supposed to be a scheduled day off the teachers did not have a lesson for the day, so due to a snow make up day, the kids were given an assignment. The assignment was this. Write a paragraph explaining why Mrs. G shouldn’t treat a student with green eyes different than a student with blue eyes? Great idea don’t you think? Bring the whole equality idea down to terms that make sense to our children. Well, what about if the example was writing a paragraph about why a coach treats one athlete with more talent different than an athlete with little talent? I will even take it a step forward and challenge why one athlete gets paid more than another athlete. Let’s consider this one, why do some people have exemptions and other people don’t when it comes to our own government?

Are you ready to hear my answer? If not, stop what you’re reading and move on. I am not going to tell you what is politically correct. I am not going to tell you what you want to hear. I am going to tell you the truth. We DO NOT believe in equality. In fact, I will go as far to say, we don’t even want equality. Do I have your attention now, because I should. The truth is instead of asking our children to write about Jimmy and Johnny’s eye color, we should focus the topic on how we deal with inequality. Equality never has and never will exist. It is a fictitious brand of love and fairness nonsense we have sold ourselves when the truth is we promote inequality each and every day. Otherwise, colleges would accept the first 10,000 students who pay their tuition. Teams would not be split into “A” and “B” based on talent and ability. Government wouldn’t be treated any different than average citizens. We just selfishly use the word equality, and yes I said SELFISHLY to get whatever it is that we want and to use it to our own personal advantage. We use our gender, color of our skin, wealth and power to spread a vindictive disgusting disease of hate and blame to everyone and every situation around us. So, ask yourself. Sit down and dig deep and be honest with yourself about whether you really agree with equality at all. We think the problem with religion and morals and beliefs is the religion, belief or moral itself. We are the problem peolpe! The fact that “we the selfish”manipulative people feel we have the right to change religions guidelines, the moral structure of a country that began millions of years ago because our lifestyle does not fit comfortably into the original mold. We are way too proud and conceited to admit the problem lies in our very selves but it’s easier to tweak the mold than to hold ourselves to a higher standard of behaving and living. That is why we don’t seem to fit anywhere anymore because we exist in the in between. That place where I believe in what works for me and what’s convenient for me and the real sin? We do it in the deceptive name of LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, FAIRNESS and EQUALITY. Selfish motives do not suit “We The People” as a whole. Selfish motives only work out for 1 people…you! You can’t call yourself Catholic and believe abortion is an acceptable means to end human life. You can call yourself anything I guess but if you do not agree with the Catholic teachings, separate from it. Don’t lead people to believe you are this if you are anything but that” You are”, “you aren’t” who cares but you can’t be “I am except for…”. There is no room for that anymore. I’m not saying you are wrong or right, I am saying you cannot pick and choose. There is no gray, however, isn’t that where most of us fall, in between this and that. Maybe our skin is black and white to remind us we are hypocrites. We will argue and hate over the color of our skin and who gets treated a certain way, but we don’t even have the courage to live in our skin or those true colors that represent our true character and condition of our soul. You either support and believe something in every situation and circumstance or you really just don’t believe it at all.

So teachers, maybe next time you have the kids write an essay. Have them right about truth and personal experience. Tell the Buck Up Buttercup and tell me how you survive in a world that supports and thrives on inequality. Then, maybe I will make sure my kid hands that assignment in on time because that is a lesson worth writing about. Equality, because of the selfish motives we carry into our lives will always and forever remain only a dream.

Our politicians, our President, even our very own media has set a trap that we have let ourselves get caught up in. They lead us to believe that everyone should have the same rights and opportunities and we get so caught up fighting the fight that we become stuck in the fragments of supporting every single individual cause of every human being. We lose sight of the bigger picture and the overall good somewhere while arguing with our very own friends and family members on Facebook in a disrespectful tone because we get sucked into believing we are fighting for an important cause. We disrespect our own, and people we love because the cause becomes greater and the respect for all people becomes lost while we forget to walk the walk. And all the while, we are puppets and pawns of distraction, and what we are too busy and blind to see is that every day brings us further and further away from the equality we ThOUgHT we were fighting for in the first place. Stop being a puppet. You are more than that. You are better than that. Your own voice has just been drown out by the me, me, me voices all around you. Common good for all cannot be the same thing as common good for every special cause and right and interest group. You cannot have it both ways. Wake up and smell the coffee of reality and stop following the misleading twisted information being fed to your simple little listening head. Quiet those voices down and maybe, just maybe you will hear your voice again. If it is right, it will FEEL right. Lead by example and speak he truth, even when no-one seems to be listening. That is the first step in the right direction. Can YOU handle the truth or can’t you even recognize it anymore!