The Power of Reflection


Sometimes I see some beautiful sunsets from my backyard. Lately though, I have been so focused on the spot the sun actually goes down that I have missed the bigger picture. Yesterday I hopped in the hot tub and just when I thought the moment was a total dud I looked over to the left and I was amazed at what I saw. The clouds had become fluffy layers of soft cotton cotton. If I had to put a flavor to them I would guess they would be bubblegum. As I watched, the color became brighter and reminded me of watermelon until finally they deepened into a beautiful shade of rasberry. I remember as a kid pretending the colored sky was filled with cotton candy. If only I could reach my hand up high enough to grab a piece for myself. I even wonder if that’s where someone thought up the idea of cotton candy in the first place. If the idea was born to perfect a beautiful fluffy mess of flavored clouds by someone innocently staring up at the colorful sky.

Eventually the color drained from the sky and all that was left were some gray clouds. It was in that moment that I realized how we create what we see by how we shine our light on it. Are we so focused on something or someone that we miss the the true picture of the beauty we could see if we allowed our light to reflect upon it? Do we even take the time to notice at all? Or do we only see the dullness of gray and miss the experience of the sunset all together? Imagine how beautiful everything would look in just the right amount of light. We can’t see it if we aren’t looking.