Have You Reached A Breaking Point?


Have you ever committed yourself to something wholeheartedly that gets you absolutely nowhere? Sometimes it’s necessary to make the tough choice to remove yourself from the people and situations that hold you back. How do you stay committed to the very things that snuff the light right out of your soul? At what point do you stand up and say, that’s it, I’m done, enough is enough? How do you part ways with the willingness to try nd finally admit you gave it your best try but it’s time to be done?

What is your breaking point?
I love this quote

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t~ Steve Maraboli

When the World Leaks In…


As I woke up to complete chaos, I pondered, how in the world do I keep the crazy going on all around me outside of me? How do I remain in a state of inner peace when I am being shot in the head by gigantic spitballs by the enormous straws aimed directly for me surrounding me from every angle? It has been a question I have not been able to find an answer to, at least if I am being honest. Sure I go to yoga and I meditate and I blog and take time for myself but time has made me a much weaker target. I used to be really strong, able to let most things roll off my back, but now I am weak. As much as I hate to admit it, I can feel the foundation crumbling under my feet. How can I remain grounded when the ground is breaking up from underneath me? There must be a hole in me someplace where the outer world leaks directly into my inner world. That place that was once safe and private has become exposed to the toxic stress of the outside world. And how does it make me feel? Sick and toxic on the inside too. 

My mantra for today:

As I breathe in and out, I am reminded to let everything pass through me. I will not hold onto my breath or anything else I am faced with today. I am strong and this moment will be much different from the next one. Breathe and let it go with each breath.

This Moment


The world is spinning. It’s a blur. I can hear sirens in the distance barely audible underneath the sound of chirping birds. I can hear the receptionist on the phone and I can feel the “busy” going on around me. But in this moment, as my son is getting his bracket fixed and I sit in this orthodontist office, I find escape. I find a moment to pause and hide from the crazy all around me. It is a time to regroup and refocus and take some time to breathe in the calm. In with calm, out with crazy. And so I sit here quietly feeling the genuine gratitude I have for this moment.

Focus on Today


If there is one thing that really makes me crazy, it’s this. How many times have you spent time with people who are so focused on tomorrow or what might happen in the future that they miss the moments they have right there and then? Why even consider or think about what might be tomorrow when you will discover the answers for yourself in a few short hours? Be in the moment. Give it your full attention and make it count. How many minutes of your life have you lost living in yesterday or worrying about tomorrow? We do not ever get a single moment back. When will we start to respect and cherish the time we have today moment by moment? We are meant to live and enjoy and experience. Don’t miss out on today because your mind is pulling you toward tomorrow.

Tell Me


What made you happy today? That was a question I  saw on Facebook. For me, it was something very simple. My daughter and I cleaned the car today. It had been ages since someone took a rag to the inside or sprayed some index on the windows. It was nice to spend time with her. I admit, I did offer her ten dollars but she worked for every single penny and the car looks fantastic. We both drove to the car wash and it was so silly watching how nervous she was to line her tires up just perfectly. Then, the three of us, my son, my daughter and myself went to grab some lunch. It’s a beautiful day here. The sun is shining and it is 65 degrees. It feels like heaven after the week of snow we had. 

Sometimes we try and force happy and other times, like today, it just happens unexpectedly. So tell me, what made you happy today. I’d love for you to share.

The Right Place at the Right Time


Some say we have no purpose in life. We wander through just trying to survive. I say they’re wrong. There have been times in my own life when someone has shown up exactly at the right time. Looking back, it’s clear to me how the moment was much less chance than it was something I needed at a particular moment. Some of these friendships didn’t last but the person was there for a reason no doubt. We don’t always fully understand the impact we have on another human being. We may never know but that person will never forget the impact we made.

We were sitting in a small restaurant in Eureka Springs recently. The place we were staying at had a small book to keep track of the details of the visit. My daughter was reading through it and mentioned that many others had written about a small restaurant on the main drag. That is how we ended up there. You could say that the moment we ended up there was random too but I would quietly disagree. We waited for our table and were finally seated right inside the door of the main dining area. You could even say our placement was random too. A few minutes after our arrival, the lady sitting at the table behind us yelled “Help! My husband is choking”. A second later, my husband was standing behind him giving his best attempt at the Heimlich maneuver. It took a few tries, but eventually that man was able to breathe.

Call it random, fate or a lucky coincidence that we were there at that moment. I will never forget the love and admiration in that mans face as he turned around and and looked at the man who had possibly just saved his life. Time seemed to stand still as everyone clapped and he just stood and stared. Finally he embraced my husband and the love and appreciation were almost palpable. It was a beautiful moment. It was a perfect moment of humanity at its best. You couldn’t help but feel warm inside and know in your heart that this was the way we were meant to be. Someone who would reach out and help a stranger in need. That is our true nature and it was so apparent in that single moment.

Years from now my husband may not remember that random man but I have a feeling that man will remember my husband for the rest of his life. Isn’t it amazing the difference we can make in a single day, a moment of time? You just never know how being in a particular place at just the right time can completely change another human being.

Creating Moments


One thing I have discovered after 15 years of practicing parenting is that there comes a time when kids go their own unique, separate way. It is so important to create moments where you leave your son or daughter no other choice but to spend the day with you. Plan things you know they enjoy. Make time for the one on one. Whether it’s shooting hoops in the backyard with one kid or planning a special meal at their favorite place, do it today.

Tonight I am spending the evening with my daughter. I am sacrificing my own taste buds and taking her to the Thai restaurant of her choice. Then, we are headed to the city to watch Phantom of The Opera. We went to see our first play together last year and I knew then that we would be seeing a play together at least once every year.

Kids grow up. They move out and they move on. Give them a reason to always want to come home. Someday you will wait patiently for those days and hold on to the memories you have made in between. Be someone they want to spend time with and you will never have to wonder if the day will come when they no longer want to be around.

What Goes Up Might Fall Down


I remember from the time I was a little girl the lesson of what goes up must come down. I actually tested that theory today. It was our last day in Sedona and we went back to Bell Rock for one last climb. Up, up I went at record speed. I never looked back. I was a climbing machine until I accidentally slammed my hand against an agave. It started to swell immediately and there was a tiny pokey thorn sticking out of the bone in my wrist. After some time I was able to pull it out but I was in some pain. That is the moment I actually took a second to look down. My heart started racing and I started to panic. My head hurt and my breathing became erratic. The trolley driver even warned us a couple days earlier that sometimes people get stuck up there and need to be rescued by helicopter. All I could think was I was going to be one of those idiots. The problem is that the red giant rocks were extremely smooth. They were slick and it was near impossible to get any traction with your shoes.

I caught my breath and realized I had a choice. I got myself into this mess and now it was my responsibility to get myself out. I walked to the left and right until I found a spot where I could slide down until it was safe to jump but I admit I was pretty scared. My husband was at the bottom where I needed to land but I had to actually take the leap on my own.

Lucky for me I did make my way down. With a heart beating out of my chest and my legs shaking for a good hour I realized that’s just how life is sometimes. We race into something, head on without giving it much thought. Then all of a sudden we realize we are in a place that is not safe for us. We become stuck and we panic. It could be a bad relationship, an awful job, or even a place we climbed to that was beyond our skill level. We have to make a choice. We can stay there paralyzed and stuck or we can take that scary leap and get to a better place.

So what was the result of testing the theory today? What goes up does come down but it might not be the way you expected. I always thought the coming down part was the easier of the two, but after my experience today, I have a whole new perspective. Oh, and I realized I am scared of heights. That is one of those lessons I had to learn the hard way in case you read my earlier post.




Stop Wishing Time Away


So frequently I hear people say this is better or that was better. Just today, I have heard two people say it in my own home. I wish I had that house, Betty’s mom is nicer than my mom. It never stops. We get so caught up in feeling sorry for ourselves or wishing for something different that we stop enjoying what is right in front of us. Change those damaging words for I am grateful and list everything you can possibly come up with. Practice saying my life is good enough, I am good enough. You will be amazed at how your mind shifts to be present in the moments. Stop those I should have done things differently thoughts and replace them with my life played out exactly the way it was meant to be. You can’t wish things away and there is no magic pill or wand to magically make your life better. Your life is what it is in this moment and try and find a way to embrace it before the moment is gone. Believe me when I tell you this, the day will come when you look back on your life and say “If only I could be 20 again” or “I wish things were the way they used to be”. Why not enjoy life as you live through it instead of reliving it in your mind long after the moment has already passed.

Change your dialogue. Change your thoughts. Change your perspective. You will see your life in a whole new way and you will experience a happiness long forgotten. Do it now because every day we live is one less day in our hourglass of time. Every day melts away. Just like sand, our time slips through our fingertips. Hold onto it while you can and embrace every single second. Live with no regrets and don’t waste precious time wishing things were different.