Will You Be That Person?


I’m good. That’s how I responded to the text how are you? Inside I was dying. It was only 9:30 on a Monday morning and already I felt defeated. I had a flat tire, a Mountain Dew explode all over me and drove to Zumba only to find a sub there who is much too difficult for my torn meniscus to withstand. If someone said, how are you really? I would probably burst into tears. My anxiety is off the charts and despite my effort to rise above the everyday challenges, I am drowning with no life raft in sight. I am a mess…an awful mess and trying to look like I am holding it together is all I can do.

This is a reminder to reach out to someone today. There is somebody who desperately needs someone to really see them so they don’t have to feel so darn alone. There is someone who needs your encouragement, your time, your support. They need to be seen and heard and understood. Will you be that person today?

Monday Motivation


It’s hard to imagine facing the week after most of us enjoy lounging around on the weekend. Add that to the cold temperatures and the Super Bowl and most are feeling sluggish today. Don’t let your mind get ahead of the rest of you. All you have to do is get through today. Walk before you leap and take the day one step at a time, one hour at a time. Our attitude is directly influenced by our thinking and when our thinking gets out of control, we start to feel out of control too. Today is just another day and I promise, you got this!



It’s Monday! Pick one thing to be grateful for today and focus on that. Sometimes we get caught up in thoughts of things we dread and often times Monday is on that list. What can you look forward to today? 

Sh!$ Happens


I put so much time and effort into writing a post this morning. All of a sudden the site crashed and that post I worked so hard on was gone. I am trying my best to stop reacting to everything that happens and choose how I respond. I could throw a fit and frantically try to write the post again or I can simply say, oh well and move on. I have to stop believing that bad things always happen to me and remember that sometimes things happen. It has nothing to do with me. The world is actually NOT conspiring against me even if I want to believe it is. This is a reminder that sh!$ happens. You can either lie down and roll around in it or step over it and move on. I say move on. Happy Monday!

Make Monday Great Again!


“Mom, are you still going to make me French toast?”

Every fiber in my being was screaming no, you can’t get up but the mother in me knew she had to do it anyway. This was the morning after spring break, the day we become imprisoned by school, work and schedules. The problem is, it was a really tough night of no sleep. I haven’t been feeling well for a few days but last night really took the cake. I finally fell asleep with a cough drop in my mouth and I am extremely grateful I didn’t choke on it in my sleep.

Just as I began to force myself out of bed, I heard my husband say, “Ive got this, go back to sleep”.  So here I am just waking up and feeling much better than I did at 6:00am. Someone needs you to be kind today and just like me they will know you are the reason their day is so much better. Be that person. Make Monday great again!

Monday Inspiration


It’s Monday, a new week, a fresh year. Ask yourself, how am I feeling today? Are you excited about getting on with living your best life? Who decides if it will be a good day, a horrible one? How can you make the choices that will leave a smile on your face when you sit down with your family to eat dinner tonight?  Stop repeating what doesn’t work for you. You are meant to be happy and it is so important to remind yourself that you never get a single day back. Don’t waste this one getting caught up in the little things that really don’t matter. Live today, laugh often and be happy.Let this Monday be the start of a great week ahead.


My Monday mantra: Today I will tackle one thing at a time and keep my focus on what I am doing.

I am trying my best to apply the brakes to my overactive mind. Instead of continually jumping ahead and making an intimidating to do list, I Will keep my focus on one and only one thing until it is complete. Sure, there is a little ghost haunting my mind but I don’t need to turn it into a ferocious monster. Halloween is over and it’s time to get through the day smarter and with less stress.

What do you do to make your day as easy as possible?

Yes, it’s Monday!


Today started off with a bang. My husband was kind enough to take over kid duty today and let me sleep in. Last night I decided to check my sons biology homework and inadvertently forgot to put his workbook back in his binder. Faintly, deep from dream world, I heard the habitual notification from my phone. When I got up to check it, I had 15 messages from my son that looked something like this. Mom. Mom? Mom? Did you take my biology flex book? Mom, are you up? Mom. Mom. Mom? Can you please hurry and bring my book? And just like that, I was off to the races. I threw a pair of sneakers on and the first pair of shorts and sweatshirt I could find and I was on my way. Of course, he takes 0 hour which is 45 minutes before school actually starts so now it was a battle between me and the bus in front of me that stopped every couple of feet. Finally I arrived at school and wouldn’t you know there was no one working the front desk? I just walked right in and down the hall I thought his classroom would be in but the room was empty. Luckily the teacher has a distinctive voice so I followed the sound and luckily found my son sitting in the front row of what looked like the lab. Like my old 8 year old self trying to pass a note all those years ago, I whispered Chase a few times which caught the attention of every student in the first third of the class and he met me in the hall to grab his book. I didn’t see this coming for my Monday morning. You just never know. How did your day start off? Hopefully less hectic than mine.

No! Not Monday


Have you ever noticed that everything seems more overwhelming on Monday? That whole, take things one day at a time philosophy goes right out the window and all I can see is a weeks worth of meetings and appointments ahead of me. Of course, this happens to be the first full week of school so throw that into the mix of dropping off and picking up kids from school. And what will the teacher think of me when I am already pulling one kid out of class for a doctors appointment? I guess on a good note, we will finally know for sure if my sons wrist is broken so maybe there’s a chance that cast won’t have to stay on. I forgot how miserable it is to put a child’s shoe on and this child is 13. I guess it’s hard to tie your shoe with one hand.

Here’s wishing a very slow- paced, happy Monday to everyone. Let’s do this thing.

Looking Forward


I know. Mentally Monday’s are just difficult anyway you look at it. What if you wake up and think of something to look forward today, this week. What if you get excited because a new week awaits filled with the unknown? Maybe something unexpected and wonderful will happen today. Expect the unexpected. Expect something wonderful and tell me something you are looking forward to today. Go!