Oh Yay! it’s Monday!


How do you have a good day when you didn’t have a great nights sleep, your phone rings at 8:30 in the morning, only to hang up when you answer and you already have a whole list of places you have to go and things to get done? It’s hard to be forced awake before you are ready with the day already planned for you. That’s just how most days are. I guess how your day goes boils down to the attitude you have about it in the first place. Can you change the way you wake up feeling? How can you add one more thing to a list that is already overflowing?

The second my eyes opened today, I decided I was too tired for yoga. Trying to jam that into running kids around to doctor appointments, dropping them at friends, bringing them to practice twice a day and accomplishing my habitual clean the house on Mondays does not leave room for another trip across town for an hour of yoga. That is what we need to remember. We must jam in the one thing that is just for us. We are constantly going and doing for everyone around us and the one thing we sacrifice is that one thing we do for ourself.

I am going to try and start the morning over again. On my way to pick up one kid with the other in the car to immediately make a doctors appointment, I am going to make a mental list of reasons I should feel happy and grateful. It’s easy to get caught up in the “poor me” craze that infects the world we live in with negativity. All it takes is one pity me attitude and people are more than willing to volunteer and jump right in. It’s almost like a verbal contest to prove who does more or who has it worse. When is the last time you had a verbal contest about who has it better? Got you there didn’t I?

Well, wish me luck as I turn this defeated attitude into one of a warrior. It’s time to fight my way back to a better mental place and I guarantee that will make the day more pleasant for all of us. After all, what’s the worse case scenario if I skip cleaning the house today? Sometimes it’s okay to not hold yourself accountable to a silly schedule you create. Go with the flow, change it up and most importantly, give yourself a little break. The laundry will still be there waiting when you find the time to do it.

A New Week


Let this Monday feel like the first ray of sunshine you feel on a warm sunny day. May it fill you with warmth, love and hope for many more moments of sunshine as your week goes by. Remember to look for the little things that put a smile on your face. Get excited about your day and what it has to offer. Expect the unexpected and let gratitude carry you through the day. Believe that this week holds wonderful things and maybe, just maybe, it will!

It’s Only Monday!


Yes, it’s Monday again and a new chance to have a wonderful week. Why do we dread this day so much? Let it be hopeful, a new beginning unless you are bitter like my friend Ben. Then have a miserable Monday. Snarl at everyone and shoot them your meanest, scariest dirty look. Make it your worst day ever, one for the record books and let your day become more bitter with each minute on the clock. Remember, smile and the world smiles back. Frown and…..you know the rest! Share your positivity or bitterness everywhere you go. Stay calm, it’s only Monday. Ben, I hope this post makes you feel bitterly special.

Yes! It’s Finally Monday!


I am taking a new approach today. From now on, all weekend long, I am going to excitedly scream, “Wuhoo! It’s Almost Monday!” Seriously, why do we dread this day so much? I am going to try some reverse psychology and look at it as one day closer to next weekend. Some Mondays I don’t even want to get out of bed. BUT, THIS Monday, I am going to take one task at a time instead of dreading the the day as a whole. I’m looking for some company, perhaps a new movement. Anyone want to join me? What could be better that the day after the weekend becoming the best day of the entire week! We can certainly fool ourselves better in numbers right?