Do You Dread Mornings?


Have you ever wondered how your first thoughts in the morning affect your day? Do you wake up dreading getting out of bed or are you bursting with excitement over what’s to come? How can we change our attitude so that the alarm clock isn’t a call for alarm but rather a wake up call to the pleasant surprises in store for us that day?

Today I hid underneath the covers. If I could have avoided starting the day, I most likely would have. My goal was to at least avoid and delay. I am happy to report that I did manage to crawl from my bed and the thought of it was much worse than the reality. Sometimes we just need to change our thoughts. Why make something worse than it has to be when we have a chance to make something great? I’m committed to making mornings great again.Time to set the intention of starting out with a positive vibe. The rest will all just fall into place. What kind of morning person are you?

Yes, it’s Monday!


Today started off with a bang. My husband was kind enough to take over kid duty today and let me sleep in. Last night I decided to check my sons biology homework and inadvertently forgot to put his workbook back in his binder. Faintly, deep from dream world, I heard the habitual notification from my phone. When I got up to check it, I had 15 messages from my son that looked something like this. Mom. Mom? Mom? Did you take my biology flex book? Mom, are you up? Mom. Mom. Mom? Can you please hurry and bring my book? And just like that, I was off to the races. I threw a pair of sneakers on and the first pair of shorts and sweatshirt I could find and I was on my way. Of course, he takes 0 hour which is 45 minutes before school actually starts so now it was a battle between me and the bus in front of me that stopped every couple of feet. Finally I arrived at school and wouldn’t you know there was no one working the front desk? I just walked right in and down the hall I thought his classroom would be in but the room was empty. Luckily the teacher has a distinctive voice so I followed the sound and luckily found my son sitting in the front row of what looked like the lab. Like my old 8 year old self trying to pass a note all those years ago, I whispered Chase a few times which caught the attention of every student in the first third of the class and he met me in the hall to grab his book. I didn’t see this coming for my Monday morning. You just never know. How did your day start off? Hopefully less hectic than mine.

What Is YOUR Favorite Time of Day?


What is your favorite time of day? Now that I am in my forties, I would have to choose morning. I remember as a teen and continuing into my twenties that often times, morning was something I didn’t enjoy at all. Often times, it consisted of rushing around to get ready for my day or sometimes on weekends skipping them all together, sleeping in until the middle of the day. Now morning is a time of calm. I no longer hurry out of bed. I wake up and reflect on the things I am grateful for. I remind myself that each new day is an opportunity to get it right, to live better and to use my time wiser than the way I did the day before. I bask in the calm quiet that morning brings, pausing there for a while to take it all in. It is the time I recharge and start my day from a feeling of peace instead of charging into the day full force in the midst of noisy chaos. The older I get, the more I long for solitude, quiet and a calm environment to escape to when there is just too much noise. What is your favorite time of day and why? If love to hear about it.

And We’re Off


Starting the day off right is so important. There have been times I have just wanted to refuse to get up and sleep the hours away. The days when I feel overwhelmed before my feet ever touch the carpet of the floor. Why does that happen? What is the difference in the days I wake up positive and happy and ready to greet the world with my warmest smile? I used to wake up at the last minute and start the day rushed. That rushed, anxiety, adrenaline feeling is not conducive to a good day, at least not for me. Now, I try and get up a little bit early. I take a few minutes to be grateful for my many blessings and I try and go into the day with an attitude of gratitude. I am trying to focus on the good qualities of the ones who live in this home so that if our paths cross in the kitchen and someone is in a bad mood, it will not rob me of my good feeling. That is the toughest part. Choosing to not react to the negativity that sometimes floats around me. It is a challenge and a difficult one at that. Dropping my expectations of how people should act is helping more and more every single day. I used to get so offended when I’d drop my daughter off at school and she wouldn’t even say goodbye. I’d take it personally and I would get angry. Now, I realize maybe she is a bit anxious heading to a place she doesn’t necessarily want to be. The best part is that after I drop her off, I am headed to yoga and calm is waiting for me there. A place that offers insight, inspiration and a reminder to accept each and every moment as it comes. Leave the past in the past and let the future arrive on it’s scheduled time.

As I write this post I chuckle to myself. My daughter is getting ready for school and has already come in the room three times. Once for my flat iron, a second time for an outfit she saw me wearing that she just had to borrow, only I got a few drops of spaghetti sauce on it and it hasn’t been cleaned. And, when she asked where her fleece jacket was and I told her in the washroom she asked why I would ever wash anything fleece in her most exasperated tone. I will stay calm and continue the rest of the morning untouched by the words and actions of others. Keeping myself calm and upbeat will set the tone of the energy around me. That is where the change begins. Not in responding to the people around me but by allowing my energy to change the general feel of the room. That’s the secret to a better life, a better attitude, and at the very least, the start to a better day. It’s a work in progress around here but baby steps are the only way.

A Perfect Morning


Some mornings are just perfect. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and even if you try and fight it you can’t help but feel good inside. I fell asleep with the waterfall on my pool still running so now as I lay here starting my day, I am listening to the soothing sound of running water in the background. These are the moments you wish you could bottle up and save for a rainy day when the clouds inside of you become one with the clouds in the sky. But today, at least for now, there are no clouds. There are the sounds and sights of nature that remind me to take notice of the beauty all around me.