Eat More Chicken


Later on today we are going to my sons favorite restaurant to celebrate his birthday. We have been going to the same place year after year ordering the same thing. Today, I am going to order something entirely different. Sometimes we get comfortable in the predictability of life. It provides a safe little happy place that some of us remain in for years of our lives. But today, I discovered sometimes it’s worth taking a chance to go out on a limb and try something new. Maybe, just maybe, there is a chance for something better waiting to be discovered. I say switch it up, take a new route. Who says it isn’t worth trying to turn good into great? If you don’t give it a try you may never know, and who’s to say if I don’t try some sweet and sour chicken, I won’t have regrets when I can no longer chew! Silly I know, but you get the point. Eat More Flavors Of Chicken. My new motto? Nope, I can do better!