People First


Sometimes the simplest things spark my deepest thoughts. I realize today how similar we actually are. As I sat watching The Greatest Showman today, I couldn’t believe how reality reached in and grabbed a hold of me. We have a pattern as human beings for wanting to destroy what we don’t understand. Instead of giving someone or something a chance, it seems easier to fight or protest against it. One thing really hit me today. Life is never fair. At one time or another, we all feel discriminated against. Whether it’s because of our height, our ability, our intellect, the color of our skin or perhaps the sex we were born into…we have all experienced it. We have all felt stuck outside the circle of feeling accepted, and valued. We have all been hated or shunned or passed over because of a single attribute. The sad truth is we could change every single thing about ourselves or the one thing we think may hold us back and our experience would probably be the same. Maybe not to the same degree but it would still be there. The problem is never about who we are but the way someone is seeing us. We judge each other on almost everything there is to evaluate and somewhere a long the way, the real essence of a person remains unseen. There is nothing worse than feeling small and someone purposely trying to make one feel smaller. Why do people take delight in destroying other people’s lives or cheering for their failure? For people who claim to despise hate, how have we become so good at it? I’ve never quite fit into this way of thinking and I am grateful I find it hard to understand. People find fault and criticize with such passion that you’d think they get paid for it. We fight for justice for one soul while demeaning and taking down another. We demise what we don’t understand and who we will never try and understand. Where have we gone so wrong and what will it take to ever turn this misfortune around?

If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. If nothing else, it is entertaining and maybe it will inspire you to go deeper into your own thinking as it has for me. Love one another. Be kind. Put people before opinions, judgement, and any other nonsense we claim to have an affinity with. Remember what or who is really important. People and God First. Everything else second.


I’d Live in La La Land Anyday


Today I went to see La La Land. The first few minutes I sat there thinking, how am I going to sit through this cheeziness? Eventually, I found myself smiling. The silliness really tickled me pink. I realized after watching the media circus and news conference today that it is real life that is absolutely ridiculous. I found the fun, light-hearted theme of the movie to be both amusing and refreshing. I couldn’t help but wonder how different the world would be if people broke into song and dance more than they broke into arguments and insults. I loved the movie and I caught myself smiling more times than I often do during an ordinary day. We need more of this kind of ridiculous and less the everyday nonsense. I give it two thumbs up. It really made my day.

I’m a Bad Mom Too


I went to see Bad Moms this afternoon. I started thinking about the facade some work so hard to put on to impress the people in their lives. I cannot recall the exact day that I admitted to myself I was not perfect and allowed that to be okay. I gave myself permission to just be me and own it all. I have good qualities, bad qualities, strengths and weaknesses, I make mistakes and I don’t try and cover them up. Often times I use those mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. I forgive myself for my bad days, inadequacy and continue to do the best I can. The amount of freedom I experienced once I started to admit and bring attention to my own flaws allowed me to find a new sense of calm and confidence that I believe to be unshakable. There is no such thing as perfection and at the end of the day, who really cares about what anyone else thinks? When I stopped explaining myself and started owning who I was I found a happiness that I never knew existed. I live for me and by my own standards and I don’t ever try and measure who I am by someone else’s opinion of me. Do I care what other people think? Of course I do but at the same time I am not defined by anyone else. Truth is, sometimes I feel like a bad wife, a crappy daughter and probably the worst mother in the world but guess what? There are times I feel pretty fantastic too so I must forgive the bad days and look ahead to new days. Tomorrow always offers another chance to get it right so I will keep on trying.



Today we went to see the Allegiant movie. It felt so familiar, almost like deja vu. It was about two people fighting for power and the people who rallied behind them. They were killing each other literally so that their chosen one would have the power. In the meantime, while the people were turning against one another and fighting amongst themselves, the real power sat in his comfortable chair watching humanity crumbling while he chuckled to himself. Really, I swear I’ve already seen something just like that. Doesn’t it sound familiar?

There’s No Denying It


We went to see the movie Creed today. As I sat there watching, my mind wandered to how quickly time seems to pass. You don’t really notice the time itself. It’s invisible. It sneaks by as the years of your life sneak quietly past with it. As you see the actors you’ve watched on the big screen age before your eyes, you can’t help but feel that little nudge reminding you that the actors are not the only ones aging. The ones who were young and vivacious when you were young are now looking worn and old. The great circle of life. There is no stopping it and there is no denying it either. Make today count. Make the most of your beautiful life.

What Do YOU Think?


I went to see Martian again last night. I know you are probably thinking I am a bit obsessive when it comes to seeing movies these days but that seems to be the way I roll. Most things are feast, famine or nonexistent in my life. It is what it is. 

On the way home, I couldn’t help but think how different the world would be if we were not continuously trying to one up one another but rather working for a common purpose. We work  to find the first cure, we compete to send the first astronaut to the latest, most popular area of space. We strive to complete the most destructive weapon but imagine if every country worked together to make the world a better place for everyone? Consider what would happen if we all shared knowledge and technological advances and worked side by side to make amazing things happen. Don’t you think that is the way it was supposed to be? I really think it’s a shame that we are more selfish than selfless. Too bad nobody cares what I think. I can’t help but wonder though. Maybe competition isn’t so great after all.

A Tough Decision


It’s a Friday night and I am alone. One kid is skating and the other is hanging out with friends. The husbands away and I have a choice. I can go home and eat an entire carton of ice cream while feeling pathetically sorry for myself or I can go and catch the movie I’ve been wanting to see. Gotta go! It will be starting soon. Do whatever feels good to your soul. Then do it again tomorrow too.