Name one thing/person you would not want outside your back door?

I was outside sweeping my pool deck earlier and I bent over to pick up the doormat so I could shake it off. That’s when I saw it, a small little snake. You would think Godzilla was after me the way I high tailed back inside the door. This is the second time this summer, same place. I slowly opened the door and used my broom to sweep it away from my house and that tiny thing coiled up, head in the air, spewing his tongue at me.

I have no idea where he went so I am panicked now. Of course my mind is racing through every worse case scenario. What if he gets inside? What if he’s hiding in my grass? What if he climbed the wall and is hanging over my door? I know I am probably overreacting but I am terrified of snakes. 

So, how about you? What’s the worst thing you’ve found waiting outside your door?

Recharging Your Battery


This past week I’ve been away getting a transformational makeover for my soul. There is something very healing about spending time outdoors in a beautiful place. When you combine a beautiful ocean, experience the freedom of a playful dolphin, watch a magnificent sunset and relax to the soothing sound of ocean waves, healing takes place. When you witness the fiery glow of an active volcano, you remember how amazing life really is. One day at a time, you wake up a little bit more until finally you are recharged. Like a simple cell phone, our battery also becomes drained. We need to find a way to recharge in between those stretches of life when we feel unplugged. There is beauty all around us but sometimes we are so distracted that our sight becomes limited. Get outside, visit someplace new and reconnect with the energy that makes you feel alive. Here are some highlights of our trip. Hope you enjoy them too. 


You Write It Wednesday


What is something you never get tired of? I actually try and make it a habit to catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I am amazed how the colors paint a breathtaking canvas right in the sky. The best part is every morning and every evening is a complete surprise, a beautiful mystery that unfolds second by second before my eyes. Here are some pictures of my favorite mornings and evenings here in Hawaii. Enjoy! 




So I had no idea what to write about today since the letter for the A to Z challenge is W but lucky enough, the words fell into place. One thing I realized today is that when you have been emotionally asleep for quite a while, walking through Vegas is just the place to wake you up. The sights, the sounds, the people watching are really invigorating. I took off on my own this morning exploring and checking things out. I wondered how different this Monday would feel if I was at home doing the same old same old. I know I’ve said this before but it is worth saying again. It is so important to change things up and not fall into the trap of repeating the same day over and over again. It is so amazing to have something on your calendar to look forward to and traveling makes everyone feel good. Just being somewhere else can leave you feeling so free, inspired, rejuvenated, healed. So, walking really is good for the soul and when you take a brisk walk in Vegas on a cool morning before the crowds hit the streets, there really is nothing better.



Bend so you do not break. What do those words mean to you? It seems like people are so rigid anymore. They are afraid to give an inch, a quarter, kindness, compromise in fear that something will break them, destroy who they are, take what they have. 

Have you ever just sat and watched a tree? I love the sound it makes as a gentle breeze blows through the leaves. It moves just enough to follow the pattern of the gentle wind. I have also watched these same trees in horrendous winds. They blow and bend almost in half and still they do not break. You would think they would just snap in half but somehow, someway they manage to bounce back looking the same way as they did before.

Be like a tree, learn how to bend. Be flexible and go with the flow. You Are resilient and beautifully grounded and it is in that grounded place that you will find the confidence to bend. Nothing can break you.

The girl, The bird, and The Terrible Plan


Sometimes I come up with what I think is an amazing plan but I neglect to focus on the tiny details that make all the difference. I have lived here for five years. Every spring, the barn swallows build there nests at my front and back door. At first I enjoyed them very much. I waited and waited for the babies to hatch and I would lovingly sit and count the days until their first venture out of the nest. What I realized though is their droppings are very toxic. They were everywhere rotting the paint off my fence, my outdoor furniture and statues and it was everywhere. You had to watch where you would sit, step…it was totally gross. I read online that the birds do not like the texture of plastic so I had this genius idea to use clear tape to cover the corners on my front porch. I climbed up the ladder and taped like a madman. 

Hours later, I returned home to find a bird sitting over my front door. The tape had come loose and somehow wrapped itself around the birds wing. At first I thought it was funny until I climbed the ladder and the bird appeared not to move. I was devastated and thought for sure his wing was broken. His eyes met mine and my heart began to hurt. What did I do to this perfect little bird? With my husbands help, I was able to carefully cut the tape loose and peel it off his wing. My heart was pounding as I waited, watching to see if he could fly. Off he went and I was feeling extremely grateful. Sometimes our best intentions do not turn out so great. Lesson learned. I was so caught up in my own selfishness that could have cost this bird his life. Luckily, alls well that ends well. I always love a happy ending. 


My Slice of Heaven


Do you have a favorite time of day? Mine is right about the time the sun goes down. I love the way the sunset casts a heavenly shadow of color all around me. It is a moment of calm in my day, a quiet solitude where I feel nothing but gratitude for the beauty around me. This is what I am blessed to see every evening. Take a look.


What Do YOU Love?


What do you love? What is it that moves you to a place where every inch of your being feels love and happiness? When is the last time you felt that way?

I was cleaning up a little bit last night and the sound of my sons laughter came rolling down the stairs. He is such a happy kid and when he laughs, it comes from a place deep inside. I love when the people I love are happy. I love when good things happen to them and I can catch that look in their eyes or that smile on their face. I love when something wonderful and unexpected catches me by surprise or when I find myself enjoying a quiet moment of peace embraced in its calm. I love random and planned acts of kindness and coffee and conversation with a good friend. I love when someone texts or calls out of the blue just to tell me they are thinking of me. I love when my husband responds with love and patience when I take a fighting stance. I love to watch my kids sleep, play sports, read. I love a beautiful sunny spring day with a gentle breeze. I love when a list of things I love flows so free and easily from my fingertips. I love the freedom and release that comes with blogging. I love that people read and take the time to comment. Your turn, go.