What Is Your Advice?


A big challenge I face is tuning out negativity. Some people wear it on their face, speak it in their words and fling it everyplace they go. It hits me hard. Sometimes I swear it even makes my insides shake. Today I ask myself, if I cannot silence the poison that comes out of other people, how can I at least protect myself from it? What can I do to stop allowing it to penetrate my boundaries and chip away at a core I have worked hard for years to keep me balanced and focused? Why is the voice I need to hear the least always the loudest and how can I tune it out? Have you noticed it’s so much easier for negativity to spread than it is to start a wave of joy and positivity? We cannot remove ourselves from every negative force so how do we at least quiet it down?

Will The Real Problem Please Stand Up


I have fallen victim to some of the negativity around me. Sometimes I think people are full of hot air and endless complaints and when I start to pay attention, I too join their angry march of negativity. Starting this minute, I am going to try my best to keep my negative comments and thoughts to myself. There is so much beauty and good out there and I vow to see more of it. I do not want more of that kind of energy and the best way to stop it is to end my part in it. Imagine if we shared more positivity and instead of finding fault with everyone, we shared more praise and support for them. Isn’t there one good thing we can see in someone? If your answer is no then maybe, just maybe the problem is you and not everyone else. Something to think about.

The Sky Is NOT Falling


My eyes popped open in the middle of the night resulting in hours of lying there imprisoned by my own mind. The more time passed by, the darker my thoughts got. Little suggestions were blown so out of proportion, there wasn’t a single chance I would get back to sleep again. It’s as if the mind has an imagination of its own that far exceeds actual reality.

I went to bed last night after reading several Facebook posts. We all have those friends who like to make a point especially after a major news drop. Not only do they have to comment and shove their opinion down the throats of their friends and family, they then have to update and restate it in different words. It goes something similar to this every single time. The sky is falling. It’s over. The world as we know it is ending. Their negativity is infectious and somehow they pull us into a storm of their own creation. It reminds me of last night where I was trapped in a black hole of dread and negativity.

This morning as I awaken, I intentionally remind myself of how blessed I am. I have to do my part to make sure the Chicken Little’s of the world do not break my spirit. I pray I can keep an internal calm that measures what is important and what I need to let skate on by. I am given so little time housed in this body and I am determined to not fall victim to the nonsense that surrounds me. Life is challenging enough without exaggerating and emphasizing that which should be given little or no attention. How we spend our fleeting time says more about each one of us than what we believe or the battles we sign up to fight. Be the peace that swallows the storm until all you can do is feel the warmth and see the beautiful light. Sorry Little, the sky is not falling no matter how many times you try and convince me it is. And if by some chance it does, I will be gratefulI didn’t spend my time wasted on worrying about it just so the last words I utter could be, “See! I was right”. Live mindfully. Look for the good and don’t ever fall victim to someone else’s negativity. We need more light so we wake up and recognize we don’t have to be in the darkness anymore.

I’m Not Playing Today


In a time we desperately need to come together, I realize the difference each and everyone of us can play. It only takes one aggressive, angry person to ruin the day for the entire bunch. Even if you have the best intentions, negative tone sets the mood. It causes anxiety and a sense of dread and uneasiness for everyone around. I believe the opposite is true as well. A good attitude, kindness and positivity are contagious and can spread just as easily if we allow it to. Not only do we have to be very careful about who we spend time with, we also have to walk away from someone who is simply in a bad mood. Don’t become it, rise above it. I’ve always said, if you don’t like the rules of the game, just  don’t play. 

When We Lose Our Sight


Whether or not we want to admit it, eventually we start to go blind. I’m not talking about the kind of vision that helps us read a bunch of different sized black letters on a white chart on a wall in a doctors office. I’m talking about the kind of vision that allows us to see the beauty that is right in front of us. Sometimes months or years of negative experience starts to taint our ability to see what’s good. We get so engulfed by ugliness that eventually ugliness is all we see. We stop noticing what makes anything beautiful including the people in our lives. Negativity and hoplessness snuffs out the light inside of us and wipes out the light in everyone else at the same time. I’ve learned that regardless of what kind of day I’m having, even if it’s a horrible one, I have to look for something good in every day. If you start focusing on the negative, the positive will slowly disappear. What you focus on you get more of so its necessary to take a step back and ask yourself, what do I see? If it’s not pretty, you better start looking in s different direction.

Silence is Golden


Why is it that people will bend over backwards to let you know they think you are wrong but silent and detached otherwise? It always amazes how ready and available people are to jump in with their argumentative, negative energy 50 times more than they will participate to support or say something positive. What is it inside of us that loves to fight or correct or demean and put down? Why do we like to provoke and stir the pot? What drives us to fact check and prove wrong the very people we are supposed to be most connected to? It’s okay to disagree. There is no harm in that but some people do it on such a regular basis that you would thing they get paid for it. When a critical thought comes to mind, sometimes it’s just best to keep it there instead of allowing any and all thoughts to fly out of your mouth. It takes discipline and practice but eventually you can learn to walk away from most arguments an inch or two taller. Sometimes I don’t think we can see ourselves the way others do. I often wonder what it would be like if everyone had a thought bubble over their head with a description of what they were thinking. Can you even imagine how much that truth would hurt? I challenge everyone including myself to actually keep score of how many critical thoughts and words you use compared to positive, encouraging ones. Ask yourself some tough questions like, do I think I know more than everyone else? Do I give my opinion more than people think I should? How do I make people feel? Are my relationships happy or strained? The answers might be tough to admit but we all need to get real with ourselves once in awhile. 

I will leave you with this quote:

You want to ask one question, ask yourself, what are you giving to the universe and only that will be returned.

Amit Ray
If you want love, give love.

If you want encouragement, give encouragement.

If you want peace, offer your own peace.

It’s that simple. Give more of what you want and watch what happens.

Negative Nellie


It’s been a really long week for me. I’d like to say everything worked out for the best but this one won’t end that way. When I started to think about it earlier, it became apparently obvious that I allowed myself to enter that dark place I fight so hard to be away from. I put myself smack in the middle of negative, angry people and guess what? I became one. I let their negativity seep into my own thinking and I laugh now while I realize why these last few days have played out so horribly. 

The truth is I cannot tuck myself away in a safe little place in the corner of my house. I also cannot let a small number of people who carry everything I never want to be influence how I feel about people in general. My attitude towards the world has been a discouraged one and the Universe has delivered the image I have created in my mind. There is so much good out there. Kindness lives in little acts all around me. I need to think of people as channels and when one plays news that is doom and gloom, I simply need to turn it off. I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes as I write these words. Here it is,

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.

Goi Nasu

God, please give me the strength to turn my face away from hateful words, anger and negativity and not allow them to ever be part of who I am. Help my heart remain loving and open and help me find the courage to be a reflection of who You intended me to be.

Be a Fork


Some people are like steak knives, always cutting. It’s almost like cutting is an obsession, waiting for someone to say or do something, always ready to rip apart. How about, just for today, we put the knives away and challenge ourselves to see something good in everyone we see. Can you do it? Can you stop looking down on everyone, even the people you despise the most? Can you stop the negative comments and puts downs both in the words you speak and the message you send out through social media? Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all. So what do you say? Are you capable of that kind of restraint? You can make the world bitter or you can make it better. Choose your words wisely today.

What Is In Your Pot?


Do you want to learn something about yourself? Are you ready to take an honest look at the kind of person you really are? Ask yourself this question or if you have the nerve, ask your most honest friend and family member this question.


What do I stir up?

The answer might surprise you. Is it happiness, laughter, joy, deeper thinking, calmness, fear, panic, negativity, worry, confidence, healing, pain, inspiration, blame, motivation, hope, doom and gloom, anger, trouble, conflict, peace?

Go ahead, ask, I dare you!