Check Your Mailbox


A silly donut. That’s all I could think about when I woke up yesterday. My mouth was watering for one but the thought of venturing out in the cold to actually get one put a big halt in my plans. I went about my day but still had fleeting thoughts about how good that donut would taste. Around noon I checked my email and to my surprise there was a message to check my mailbox. In there, I found the sweetest surprise. Are you ready for this? All the way in the back was a tiny brown bag and when I looked inside….a donut. A neighbor of mine decided to share a small act of kindness and left it there for me to enjoy. The funny part? She had no idea I wanted a donut yesterday. I asked the Universe for a donut and it literally delivered it to my mailbox. Share the kindness and make someone smile today. I know this tiny donut made my day. Time to pay it forward.

You Never Know


Do you ever notice how you can get so caught up in your own problems that you become unaware that everyone else has them too? It’s easy to wallow in self pity and think your own life is much harder than someone else’s.

Tonight we went for a walk in our neighborhood and heard quite a disturbance going on. It was a reminder that no matter how well you think you know someone, there is never a way to know what is going on with anyone, even the people that live in your own neighborhood. I say this all the time, life is not supposed to be hard. I believe we are meant to be kind to one other. Why do we make it so difficult? Why is it so hard for some to be decent and compassionate? I can’t help but imagine how different life could be if everyone was just a little kinder.