The New Normal


We used to say I’ll see you later, now replaced with I’ll text you later. We are spending countless hours of quality time with our cell phones and very little time in the company of actual people. It’s a lonely world and the new normal is actually eating me alive. I miss the times when friends got together to talk or shop or sat down to enjoy a meal together. Now a days, everyone is always so busy doing what exactly I don’t even know but just trying to schedule a time or day to meet is so exhausting that usually I can’t even get past that step. It can last days, or weeks and sometimes even months, all the while resulting in texts and messages back and forth that never amount to anything more. I wish it didn’t bother me so much. I wish I didn’t used to have people I adored and loved right on the same street always available and up for any adventure. I wish I didn’t move around as much as I do having to start new friendships and saying goodbye to people I had grown so close to. It’s hard and it’s exhausting and sometimes I think it’s easier to just stay lost and alone. Every time I say goodbye, I leave a little piece of me behind, until one day, I woke up and realized there wasn’t enough left of me to lose.

My wish today is that everyone who reads this reaches out to someone. Call them up, invite them for coffee but make an effort and follow through. People need people, not silly cell phones and computers that make them feel even more alone. Make time now because time is the one thing that runs out quicker than we believe it will.