One Foot In Front Of The Other


Yep. That’s how I’m doing it, this running thing. I thought I would give it an honest try. The hardest part is finding the balance between expecting too much from myself but pushing myself at the same time. Last week I did 6 miles. How pitiful I thought as I sat and pondered over it. Than I almost burst out laughing because I realize that six miles in more than I did in an entire year. So, you know what they say, perspective is everything and that’s all I needed to set a goal of a minimum of seven miles this week. One step at a time, one week at a time, one mile at a time. That is how it is done. And, now when my calf muscles tighten and my hammys tense up, I sing that silly song and it makes me smile. Put one foot in front of the other….I bet it will be stuck in your head now too. Sorry.