Agree or Disagree?


People respond in accordance to how you relate to them. If you approach them on the basis of violence, that’s how they’ll react. But if you say, ‘We want peace, we want stability,’ we can then do a lot of things that will contribute towards the progress of our society. Nelson Mandela

Making a Murderer is Making Me an Insomniac


I couldn’t help myself. I guess you could say my curiosity got the best of me. I started the first two episodes of Making a Murderer. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep last night. So many things ran through my head. I cannot imagine anyone spending that many years in prison for something they didn’t do. It is truly a travesty. Do I think someone should pay? You bet I do. I can’t help but think about my own school situation with my son. I have watched a school system go from an organization I can trust to having to watch my own back. I have watched them right wrongs and not admit to clear cut evidence against some of the teachers. I have watched them go from a sympathetic ear to turning and pointing a finger at me to avoid addressing the real reason we were there in the first place. They have accused me when they are the ones who should be on trial. I have had to remove my son from a particular class where I am sure he was being taunted and singled out. Why haven’t I filed a complaint with The Office of Civil Rights? The answer is simple. Their denial and abuse and repercussions are too much of a risk to take. They will never admit to wrong doing even when it’s obvious and they will always stand together and support one another. How do you go up against that? Clearly, you don’t . It’s a shame and it happens on every level. Organizations and systems get so powerful that they can do whatever they want without repercussion and they never know what it’s like to experience fear.

As for the second crime, I honestly don’t know and I’m afraid there is only a handful of people who will ever know the truth. How could they even sleep at night? My insomnia came back just thinking of my own situation. It’s awful anyway you look at it, anyway it plays out. Such a shame. I can’t wait to watch more. They say the truth will come out but I don’t believe that’s truth at all. We may never know and there will always be people who pay the consequences and people who never will. That’s life I guess and it’s really unfortunate.

You Write It Wednesday


Love and hate. Two very powerful forces that drive people in ways that are unimaginable. Love can move mountains and hate, well it can burn those mountains down. They are polar opposites but equally as powerful. They have the ability to change the world and history is proof.  In your opinion, which one is leading in these ever changing times? Do you think the scale is tipping one way or the other? Why? What is the best example for each that you are witnessing right now?

I would rather be blind to hate than consumed by it.

I would rather know love and lose it than to never know love at all.

One Nation Divided Under God. Wait, Can I Say That Anymore?


The way I see it, people love to be divided. They say they want to be one unified nation cradled in the arms of equality but the truth is we are not big enough to break out of our own skin. We are too human and too greedy and too selfish to rise above the tidal wave that continues to slam and rip apart the very country we live in. We don’t really want to get along, we want to be right, we want to be even, we want to be special above all others. When we keep bringing the past into today, we also push it smack into the middle of our future. Sometimes I wish all memory could be erased and we could start over without carting along deep seated grudges, prejudices, anger, hatred, resentment. I’m sure you get the point. My heart hurts when I watch people use words that ignite the flame, you know the flame, the one that grows into an inferno charring the spirits of the ones who are weak and foolish enough to listen. I dream of a place without guilt and anger and vengeance but that place only exists in my mind. What do you think? Will there ever be enough love, forgiveness and letting go to finally create a better world than the one our ancestors created in the past? Will we ever move on? Will we ever REALLY want to? Will we ever REALLY learn how to escape the chains that bind us, especially the emotional ones that tie us to the same fate in a different form? I just don’t think it will happen in my lifetime and that just makes me sad. What do you think?

You Spent How Many Hours At The Gym?


I remember a time long ago when I went to the gym several times a week. I was doing kick boxing, bench stepping. You name it, I did it. No matter how hard I worked, my body seemed to stay the same. Several years older now, I finally get it. Too much of anything is never good and eventually, if you are like me, you will get bored and start to resent it. Life is about balancing the mind, body and spirit. If you want to improve and you want to grow, you have to continuously work on all three simultaneously. I have the same body I did 15 years ago without killing myself at a gym. I am the same weight and to be honest I finally feel completely comfortable in my own skin. Why did I feel so unattractive then and so fantastic now? What could possibly be the difference?  I guess what it all comes down to is you can change your body all you want, but if you’re trapped in the same mind, the same way of thinking, you will never notice a single difference. The mind, more than anything else, determines how you feel. Change your mind, and your body changes too. That is the order it worked for me.  I have started to balance weights, fun cardio, yoga and at the same time, spend time doing what feels good to my soul. Everything in moderation, focus divided between all three parts. That is the real secret to looking and feeling your best. And if I feel like skipping a class, I simply skip it without guilt and absent of regret. Sometimes a day floating in the pool is the exercise I need for my soul. Look inside to see what you need, that should guide your exercise for the day. Today, it’s yoga for me, where the mind, body and spirit meet on the mat as one. What is it you need to exercise today?

Duct Tape or Duct Tape?


Since I started posting about duct tape, people have argued whether duct tape or duck tape is the appropriate name. This is right from the source. I hope this clears up any doubt!

Jim and I do lots of appearances promoting Duck® brand Tape and do so without reservation. Therefore, we go by both The Duct Tape Guys, and The Duck Tape Guys. And, we use the words Duck and Duct interchangeably throughout our web site.

So, whether you call it Duct Tape or Duck Tape… you are still using the “Ultimate Power Tool” in our estimation.

— Jim and Tim, the Duck/Duct Tape Guys