No! Not Monday


Have you ever noticed that everything seems more overwhelming on Monday? That whole, take things one day at a time philosophy goes right out the window and all I can see is a weeks worth of meetings and appointments ahead of me. Of course, this happens to be the first full week of school so throw that into the mix of dropping off and picking up kids from school. And what will the teacher think of me when I am already pulling one kid out of class for a doctors appointment? I guess on a good note, we will finally know for sure if my sons wrist is broken so maybe there’s a chance that cast won’t have to stay on. I forgot how miserable it is to put a child’s shoe on and this child is 13. I guess it’s hard to tie your shoe with one hand.

Here’s wishing a very slow- paced, happy Monday to everyone. Let’s do this thing.

Feeling Overwhelmed?


Feeling overwhelmed? I am too. Imagine if I handed you a book and said, this is your life. Now go and live it. Where would you start? How would you feel? Page after page staring you in the face waiting for you to jump in and become the story. Imagine if I broke it down into chapters and let you focus on one chapter at a time. What if I only gave you a page at a time or even better yet, one word every ten minutes. The less you take on at one time, the less overwhelmed you feel right?

I believe we take on too much at a time. Instead of focusing on one task and completing that, the thoughts of all the other things we need to do start bleeding into our already gaping wound. How and why do we put this pressure on ourselves? Why can’t we focus on completing one thing without feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of what we have yet to do?

I practice a lot of self talk. I say “Kim, let’s get through this right now and worry about the rest later. You want to complete this one thing and you have three hours until you need to leave for the next task. That’s more than enough time. Let’s start here and be completely here until you are done.”Then my mind answers with yeah but there are a million things you need to get through and that one thing is only a small drop in a very large bucket. That is when the logical part reminds me that with each drop, the bucket is starting to fill. You are doing the best you can and that’s okay.

Fill your bucket one drop at a time. Remember your thoughts could fill that bucket in a split second flooding every place you try and stand. Stay on task and take things on one at a time. I promise they will be easier to accomplish that way. Don’t allow your mind to jump ahead. Be where you are completely and complete what you are doing right where you are. That is the secret to getting things done.