View From A Paddleboard


I decided to take a small break as I got down on my belly on my paddleboard today. I just rested there for a moment, eye level with the water as it danced and sparkled from the reflection of the sun. I was at total peace as that board slid effortlessly across the water. It occurred to me how different I might feel if I was submerged in the water and swimming along. In life we have a choice to fight the circumstances placed in front of us or to just go with the flow. I’ve spent years fighting and battling things I would never be able to change. It was exhausting and discouraging and sent me into a depression I’ll never forget. When we learn to breathe and relax something magical happens. When we trust that we are safely on the board untouchable by what lies beneath, we find the balance we need to glide on through. Resistance is a tough thing. The more we try and fight it the more resistance we create. 

Today try and float. No struggle. No resistance. Just flow.