Failing Today


This morning is testing my own philosophy to not sweat the small stuff. How many times have I preached to not get crazy over the things I cannot change? So why am I so aggravated that my husband brought my son to take his permit test and they both forgot an important paper and had to go back home? To those of you struggling to be better, more forgiving, patient, and understanding, I am right there struggling with you today. Happy Wednesday! We’ve got this.

A time of Calm


Today there was a pause in my storm and I was surrounded with calm. There are many seasons in our lives. One thing I know for certain is eventually, one season comes to an end and another begins. It’s the in between that defines who we are. It’s our attitude and faith that determines who we will be when the rain finally stops. We can step outside on that first sunny day and worry about when the next cloud will form or we can bask in the sun and be grateful for the beautiful day. There is great comfort in knowing there is ebb and flow. What goes down will eventually rise back up and we must find the patience and strength to get from one destination to the other. If you’re having a rough time, hang in there. Everything will turn around in time. Don’t lose faith. Just be patient. 

Life Teaches Us To Be Patient


In a world where we have grown accustomed to everything being instantaneous, life teaches us to be patient. I remember the first time I let an older boy drive my daughter home from a football game. It seems like yesterday I was standing in the window, face glued to the glass praying I would see the car pull into the driveway. I’ve waited for test results and 9 months to pass so I could finally hold the little creature that had been occupying space inside my stomach. I’ve waited for news while a loved one was sick or going through a procedure that seemed to take forever. 

There are so many things we cannot control and several that happen in their own time. All I can do is count my breaths as the time slowly creeps on by. Today is one of those days so once again I close my eyes, pray and wait. What is one time that you had no choice but to learn to be patient?

How To Survive a Bad Day


Yesterday was the kind of day you wish was over and today it is. There is so much relief and hope that comes with knowing you made it through a difficult day. Some days are just like that and you have to keep your chin up and display an immense amount of patience. So what if the garage door only goes up half way and you back into it right? Was it bad? Sure but what if it was closed all the way and you backed your car all the way through it? Seriously, I try and remember that as bad as something seems, there is always a worse case scenario. So, you must be grateful for the things that are good in your life and find peace and acceptance with the things that seem bad. It’s hard to see the silver lining in the clouds when the storm never seems to let up. Remember things are not always what the appear and when the clouds cast a dark shadow on your world, remember the sun is still there, you’ve just lost sight of it. Sometimes it takes one of those kind of days to really recognize and appreciate a good one. I’m hoping today is that day for everyone of us. Happy Friday!

How Does Your Heart Feel?


Today is a lazy, rainy day. I’m not sure what it is exactly but days like this allow me to feel very relaxed. I don’t have that gnawing pull that makes me believe I should be doing something, accomplishing something. Sometimes I can tackle more after a meditative day than I can during one where I remain regimented. I am choosing to relax and to read today and enjoying the freedom I feel to just be. My husband is traveling so I am taking on both our roles. With extra responsibility comes extra love and patience with myself. If I am not taking care of me, how in the world can I help anyone else? I can if I force myself to but my attitude won’t be one anyone around here enjoys, including myself.

Today, be kind to yourself. Forgive your imperfections and love yourself anyway. Do something that brings you to a place of peace and then you will be able to take others there to. Find something to smile about and reasons to love the ones around you even more. Focus on what makes your heart feel good and let go of all the rest.

Don’t Be a Jerk


This is a gentle reminder that acting like a jerk can really ruin someone’s day. Control yourself.

I was headed to take my little dogs for their yearly exam today. They run all over the car and one dog gets very anxious when he is going someplace and whines the entire way. I was already feeling a little anxious and trying to get there safely. Apparently I wasn’t driving fast enough for the guy in the big white truck behind me because as I made the turn into the parking lot, he held down his horn until he was completely past me. The noise really startled me and I was already feeling pretty anxious. When did driving the speed limit give someone the right to get aggravated to the point they act like a maniac? Just don’t do that. I hope you know better.

One Thing At A Time


After feeling knocked down yesterday, I’ve decided today will be a one foot in front of the other day. It’s easy to draw that black cloud of doom and gloom directly over my head when I focus too far in the future. It’s no wonder I get swept away in feeling so overwhelmed. It’s important to take things one day at a time so I can keep moving slowly in the right direction. Slowly is better than not moving at all. Projecting thoughts away from today results in feeling stuck and helpless with no way out. Taking one thing at a time allows me the energy, perseverance, and confidence to tackle everything I need to do today so I can walk into tomorrow feeling prepared and ready for whatever arrives. Don’t defeat yourself and your purpose by putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. That is guaranteed to get you nowhere. Believe me, I know.

From My Mat To Yours


There is a pose in yoga that I find really uncomfortable. It’s called pigeon pose and it’s hard for me to settle into because I have really tight hips. Today, the more I relaxed, the more comfortable it became. Everytime I would exhale, I would focus on relaxing into the pose until finally, it started to feel really good. It reminded me to stop fighting against the situations that make me feel uncomfortable. Like in yoga, sometimes life requires us to settle in and give up our desire and instinct to resist whatever it is that is causing us to feel uneasy and stressed. Sometimes it is necessary to breathe into where we are until the struggle inside of us starts to subside. It is in that moment, that place, where we are able to relax enough to become unstuck from the emotions that tie us to a particular event. The theme for today, the reoccurring message seems to be, relax, breath and just let go. From my mat to yours, namaste.

Settling In


I finally woke up with a new attitude. I admit, I have been listening to Wayne Dyers Divine Love. I think slowly but surely, I am settling in to the fine area between what I can control and what I can’t. Life is so unpredictable. It is unbelievable how our own life can change from one moment to the next. You go to bed at night as one person and wake up the next day as someone different. I’ve really been focused on allowing myself to flow and settle in to whatever is. No matter how hard I try and change something or how much I overthink it, I have to find peace in that uncomfortable place. It is my yoga instructor who described it beautifully today. She said you need to stop concentrating on the problem and settle in. So that is where I am today. Settling in and keeping myself grounded while I wait to see what comes out of this unexpected event. No matter how much you try and expect the unexpected, you’re never really ready for it when it hits.