If You Do This, STOP!


For the most part, the blogging community makes me feel warm and fuzzy and very happy. It’s a friendly, supportive bunch of people who genuinely respect and care about one another. There are those people though, and thankfully it’s a very small number who rapid fire “like” posts. I know at least for me, if you don’t want to read my posts then that is absolutely fine BUT if you aren’t reading them I would prefer someone not hit the like button. Most of us know that if there are 24 rapid fire likes from the same person but our number of reads does not increase, then you are obviously not reading. In fact I hate to say it but I almost find it insulting. I guess I would rather someone be honest and genuine than deceptive and fake. Who am I though? Is there anything that bugs you about bloggers? If so, what is it?

A Fun Little List of Things That Drive Me Crazy!


I get it. I’m not perfect and there are probably things about me that drive other people crazy. I definitely have a few pet peeves that push me right off the deep end. I started my morning running into two of them. Those annoying little things that get under your skin and gnaw and rip at it for hours on end. Here is a list of those annoying little “bugs”.

1) Lying. I have NO tolerance for lying to my face or lying by omission. None!

2) People infringing on others personal space. Sometimes I wonder if people are completely oblivious that they are standing way too close. Yuck! I hate it.

3 Um….you know that thing …..um people do…..by taking the long um way to get to the ahhh ummmm point. My time is important. Spit it out!

4)Indecisiveness. I think that’s one. Maybe not. I’m still not sure. Yep, it is! Make a decision and don’t look back. It’s really not that hard.

5) Wasting time. I’m not sure if those are the right words. I would describe this person as having 4 miles left to the gallon, driving by the gas station, wondering if they should have gotten a little gas, turning around but taking the longest route, and ending up at the original gas station we passed in the first place. No, I did not say I was talking about my husband and this one could be tied together with indecisiveness. Have a plan and get it done. Quickly!

6)People that are rude to waitstaff or publicly put them down. Just because someone serves coffee or anything else does not make them less of a person than you are. It’s awful and a terrible reflection on the person who is committing these acts of condescending put downs.

7) Self consumed people. You know the type. I need to get my dress for the semi and should I dye my hair red or purple and I want a new paint color for my room and a new hair dryer. I need to eat now and you still didn’t but honey for my peanut butter sandwiches. AND, they say all this in one breath. I am not referring to my daughter or the fact that she pulled her bike to the side of the road and refused to finish the ride because SHE didn’t feel like it, so we had to finish the ride and pick her up in the car. Seriously, just because you do not want to do something does NOT give you the right to make the activity miserable for everyone else. It just isn’t nice and makes you look bad when all is said and done.

8) Germaphobes! If you feel the need to immediately get out your hand sanitizer after extending me peace in church, don’t bother. Just smile and say “peace be with you”. Really, obsessing about germs will kill you long before a little germ will 🙂

9) People that pretend they are busier that they actually are. You know the type…the stay at home mom that is exhausted and too busy to meet for coffee or lunch even though all her kids are in school. Just say no. We always have time for the things we want to have time for. Sometimes talking about how busy you are takes up more time than you realize.

10) I apologize in advance for the people this will annoy. People who complain they can’t get anything done yet drop everything to do anything for anyone that asks. Really? You know the phrase, don’t be afraid to remind yourself “Just Say No!”. And in the words of Doctor Phil, ” If you want to get something done, get off the couch and do it!”. Thinking about it and complaining about it will NOT get you anywhere.

That is my fun little list. I would love to hear some of yours. Oh yes, and one more pet peeve…..people that do not comment on my blog posts 😉