Calm After the Storm


My own words proved to be very true today. A few hours ago I was caught off guard as the sound of tornado sirens screamed from my backyard. I wasn’t really expecting bad wether today but as soon as I read a text from one of my friends that read, get in your shelter now, I knew it would be an interesting afternoon. I panic inside. When that big, black cloud circles overhead, I feel trapped and afraid. Lucky for us it never touched down. At least not today. 

A few months before we moved into this house it was hit by a tornado. The house across the street would eventually be torn down. The threat is very real. I referred to the quote about life earlier that simply states, it goes on. Every moment does pass and there is a calm both before and after the storm. If I could put those words into a picture, it would look something like this. Hard to believe this was the view from my backyard after such a stormy day. It goes on…

A Painful Perspective


Today I decided to get a workout in. My husband and I drove to a lake and started off on our bikes. Between the headwind and the excruciating pain in my neck, I just couldn’t do it. I told my husband to go on without me and I turned around and walked my bike back. Amazingly, instead of being frustrated and disappointed, I noticed the light reflecting off the water. It was a beautiful day and I almost missed it fighting the wind and trying to ride through the pain. I am learning more and more to go with the flow. Sometimes my expectations are just too much for the condition of my body. We are only given one and I figure I better start to listen to it and be gentler than I have been in the past. This was my view as I waited for my husband to get back. I don’t think I missed a thing after all today.


Do You Believe in Magic?


We all have a playful child inside us dying to break free. Last night I became one with the child in me. We headed downtown to listen to a concert. By mistake, I stumbled upon this fun little place and it didn’t take long until I was running around exploring the wonderful world all around me.


I read this book as a child and I must admit it was one of my favorites. I imagined that the garden was real and was filled with all kinds of magic. This fun little garden was just that. Everywhere I looked brought a silly smile to my face. There were beautiful flowers as tall as adults just begging us to come to play. That’s exactly what we decided to do.


There were tiny huts and tepees and skinny little winding staircases that led up to whimsical tree houses where you could see the dancing colored lights blink on and off as the water in the fountain teased the children to come a little bit closer. We ran like excited children through mazes that led to tiny houses that magically played music notes that caught us by surprise as we stepped on the tiles. There were little grassy pads lit up with twinkle lights and if you didn’t know better, you could almost see little fairies flying through the colored tunnels daring you to look.

It was dark so the pictures did not come out as well as I would’ve liked. I definitely plan on making a trip back in the daytime to get a better look. My favorite part is where we decided to park our chairs next to a beautiful pond with running water and red rock trailing across inviting the kids to jump from stone to stone to get to the other side. It was one of the most adorable, relaxing places I have ever seen and I am grateful we found ourselves inside of it. Was it really magical? I guess it’s different for everyone who experiences it but I am a believer. I haven’t felt that happy or playful or that excited in many, many years. Here are a few pictures. I only wish they came out better.








My Life In A Picture


It’s funny, when you have a love for writing you are always on a quest to find the perfect words. Words that describe your feelings like they are spilling outside of your body exposing you to the rest of the world. We look for quotes to find meaning and write the words we need to inspire ourselves to follow our dreams. When we read words that we can identify with, we get this silly rush and become one with the words. There is no telling where they start or where we begin.

Tonight, I looked outside and I could feel my eyes growing wider with awe. If there was a perfect scene or picture to describe who I am I was staring it in the face as I ran for my camera. Here it is. I will not put the meaning into words, for I feel that would rob one of the chance of interpretation. What do you see?


I Remember


I remember the day vividly. With a heavy heart, 7 years ago I boarded the airplane with my family, the dog and the cat and said good-bye to my beloved Texas. I had spent 7 wonderful years there raising my babies, making memories, making friends, and then turned back to take one last look before my life was about to change in a very drastic way.

Why Texas some will ask? You weren’t born and raised there so why do you consider that your home? I just shrug my shoulders and smile to myself because whether anyone else gets it at all, when the heart knows, the heart just knows. Sometimes there is no specific explanation, it is just a feeling that makes your heart feel cradled in love.

We just stopped in for a 3 day visit. I realized while I was there that the last few years something has been missing. I knew the second we pulled into all the old places where we used to spend so much of our time that the healing had begun. It didn’t become evident to me until now that I had left a large portion of my heart behind. I have carried a sadness and a longing for the last few years and I just couldn’t figure out why. I guess a great big chunk of my heart stayed I’m Texas. No matter how hard I try I have been unsuccessful in making it whole again in the places we have lived. It’s not necessarily about the people, it is more about a lifestyle that the surroundings of a particular place provide.

They say once you return to a place it isn’t the same. I tell you this. As I traveled from park, to hiking trail, to scenic spots on the lake and river, it was just like the first time. My heart was filled and I feel whole. Even the kids put down their phones and let the kid inside them play. My heart burst open when they competed to see who could swing higher as they played in the park, and I watched with joy as they skipped rocks across the pond. We have been so entrenched in nothing because the area we live in just does not offer the things we love.

I say this, when the world gets ugly, go someplace you know there will be a better view. Find your happy place and be where your vision of the world is beautiful nearly every day. These are some of those places I have the best view. Come along with me and take a look.










My Love Affair With Facebook…shhhh!


I am so very grateful for Facebook. Living far away from the people you love is hard, devastating sometimes. Just last night I saw a picture of my dad with his birthday cake and I burst into tears. Sad tears because I couldn’t be there mixed with gratitude tears because a picture was able to capture the moment. It allowed me to be there in that room for that perfect moment.

Today I came into Starbucks for some me time. I’m having a fantastic day getting so much done and looking forward to Chases orchestra concert. Then I log into Facebook and beautiful photos of my niece and nephew were waiting to greet me. Seriously, what is better than that? Having the opportunity to watch them grow up through pictures. One picture was so darn funny and cute I nearly spit my coffee right out of my mouth.

Keep posting pictures everyone, because I promise, there is someone at the other end of a computer screen just dying to see them! Also, for those of us that are far away, it allows us to feel part of the things we miss, and believe me, that means more than you may ever know!