What Difference Does It Make? Hang On. I’m About To Tell You!


I’ve been hearing a particular phrase over and over again lately. Frankly, I find it ignorant and insulting. Now that I’ve let my judgmental side speak, the rest of me would like to join in too. The phrase is this.

What difference does it make?

That is a very serious question that merits considerable contemplation. I find it frightening when someone who holds a powerful position whether it be a person in our own government, a teacher, a coach, etc has the audacity to respond to a legitimate question with this response. When someone in power makes a decision concerning the welfare and the outcome for the important people who put their trust in them, don’t you think they should at least have the moral awareness to consider how what they do affects everyone around them? Don’t you think they owe the people who are affected by their choices and actions the decent courtesy of an explanation?

This attitude of don’t ask because I’m not going to tell is offensive to the many kind hearted and wonderful individuals who do care about the mark they leave on this world and the people they come in contact with. I say this, if you don’t think enough about yourself to think what you do matters than fire yourself and get the heck out. A bit brutal, maybe, but the consequences left behind from someone with this mindset hurts our country, our schools, and many organizations that strive everyday to do good, to serve and honor the people and make sure they get the very best of whatever it is that they deserve.

If you have to respond with “What difference does it make?”, then I think you’ve already realized on your own that you aren’t really making a difference at all. Perhaps you should take a good, long, hard, loving look in the mirror and say those words as you stare back at yourself. Just a suggestion. And if you aren’t making a difference, shame on you because you were put in a position to do exactly that. Don’t be a waste of your own talent. Step out of your ego and consider someone other than yourself because the truth is you aren’t any more or less important than anyone else standing around you. Step off the pedistal and try a different view. Maybe then you will get a grip and a glimpse of a new perspective.

Listen for that phrase. If I’m hearing it more and more, I’m sure you will start hearing it too. And be ready and waiting with your response because the world deserves someone to stick up for it.

Rant over.