Killing Your Own Spirit


Don’t become blind to the things that really matter or you will forget what they truly are. The worst harm you could ever bring to yourself is focusing your time and attention on the details, so much so, that you destroy the beauty of the whole picture until eventually you cannot even imagine it anymore.

Point Your Finger Someplace Else


I wasn’t going to write anything today. I am just coming off a vacation and my kids starting back to school and I couldn’t think of a thing to post about. Then, as usual, Facebook delivered. A friend of mine shared this picture and just like that, instant topic.IMG_6555.JPG

One thing I have learned over time is that no matter what you do, someone will always find a way to turn it around and find fault with it. You can have the most noble intentions but someone is lurking around the corner ready and waiting to tear you down.

I get that there is not a lot of water in Africa. Things are tough there but to compare the ALS challenge to a situation like that one seems unfair. I have seen videos of real people who suffer from ALS who say seeing these videos gives them hope. Every single one brings a smile to their face because for the first time ever people are paying attention to how devastating this disease really is. Are we seriously going to criticize the efforts to raise money and awareness for such a devastating disease? I bet someone who knows someone with ALS would never be so selfish to post a picture such as this. I do know someone with ALS. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The burden both physically, financially and emotionally is devastating. If wasting a bucket of water on my head will bring a smile to that family’s face and hold me accountable to make a donation to a much needed cause then so be it.

People have to stop looking at everything through their judgmental microscope. Maybe you should try looking through a positive one and see how differently the world would look. Stop comparing apples to oranges and stop putting others down. Really, it is a reflection on you and how callous human beings can actually be. There are good people out there that give time and money to help others. Let’s celebrate that instead of trying to make an ass out of the people who at least step up to do something more than point a finger. Who does that ever help?