A Moment Of Hope


While I was walking around the house getting everyone ready for school, the most amazing blend of colors caught my eye through the window of my front door. I’ve been down lately. It happens, the natural ebb and flow of life. Today, I was feeling hopeful. It was a new day, a fresh start and thankfully my little guy was finally well enough to go back to school. If I had to describe a color of my life the last few weeks it would have to be gray. It was like a rainy, gloomy two weeks where I was stuck in the house and trapped in my own negative thoughts. Somehow, the colors faded from my view. I became the gray, until today when I witnessed the beauty in a simple sunrise.

Here’s hoping you notice the beauty all around you. Look for those moments so you don’t miss them. Even when things feel like they couldn’t be worse, those moments are there waiting for you to notice them. Here is a picture of mine. I hope you enjoy it.


A Moment of Gratitude


I couldn’t help but feel amazingly grateful today. I thought back to how many times I would see a new and peaceful sight for the first time and wish I could recreate that very scene in my own yard. A scene of peace and tranquility just for me where I could go to escape the noisy and busy world of everyday life. Some place quiet where I could be in the moment surrounded by an abundance of fresh air that I could breathe into my tired lungs to rejuvenate my body with the energy around me. Well, we finally filled up our hot tub and as I was sitting in there looking around me, I realized how very lucky I am that the place I’ve always longed for does exist, and all I have to do is walk out my back door. Tonight I am grateful, for all that I have and all that I am. What are you grateful you? Do you take the time to notice?