Holding A Badge Does Not Grant Godly Power


As I have followed a story in our local news recently that is slowly gaining media attention all over the world, it occurs to me that somehow the facts get hidden behind a false shield. I have watched the video myself of a man who has lost his life after being restrained by 5 police officers. I heard the pain in the voice of the wife as she screamed “papa, are you okay?”, as I watched his lifeless body lie eerily still. I am not tainted by media or rumors. I base my opinion on the nervous voice of the police officer and what I witnessed with my own eyes. Then I see a disturbing Facebook picture accusing people of forgetting what this courageous police force did in the midst of devastation after the Moore tornado. That is where the facts get blurred. This is not about not supporting a police force but rather is about NOT supporting the actions of a few men that happen to be part of that large force.

It saddens me that there is a misconception that people in certain jobs are assumed to be good. NEWSFLASH! The point here is that there are people in every profession that make bad choices and they should not be protected under the falsehood that all police officers are good. There are people that abuse the power that comes along with the title of their job period! Whether it’s a teacher, a nurse, a senator, a coach, there are people that do bad things and make mistakes that there must be consequences for. I have taught my children from the time they were very little that they cannot automatically trust someone because they are an adult, a parent, a teacher, a coach. The fact is people do bad things. Adulthood does not come without flaws and believe me we are all flawed. However, actions have consequences and no-one with any type of power should be allowed to skip out of consequences regardless of the position they hold.

Here is the link if you want to check the video out for yourself. We can view the same 6 minutes of footage and still see the situation entirely different ways. I am curious to see what you think.