Keep Out! Let’s Start This Movement.


It dawned on me a moment ago that I am in total control of what I see, hear and think. Today, I will softly repeat KEEP OUT to myself. I will not let the bad stuff in. I will do no harm. KEEP OUT. I will not give anger and resentment or the need to control any of my attention. KEEP OUT. I will not speak words that rip our country apart. Judgement has no place in my life. Blame is not allowed. KEEP OUT. I will not allow the things that darken my hope and soul the power to consume me. KEEP OUT. I will not allow ignorant comments to shake my faith. KEEP OUT. I will not allow anyone to define me or determine my worth. KEEP OUT. I will not turn on the news. KEEP OUT. I will not engage in arguing. KEEP OUT. I will not look at anything else today or spread anything that pours out negativity. KEEP OUT. 

They say what you give your attention to grows in significant magnitude. What you see, hear, think and feel adds more of the same. Do not feed the things that are incompatible with your soul. Surround yourself with peace and love and do whatever it takes to love yourself and raise the vibration you carry around and send back out into the world. Save yourself. Protect your thoughts and make it your steadfast goal to be the change we so desperately need in this precious world.

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Will You Buy a Ticket?


I’ve been trying really hard to be positive lately. It’s amazing, don’t you think, that the way we perceive something depends on our attitude at the time. It takes diligence and focus to see everything  you can from the most positive point of view. Perspective is the difference in feeling elated or surrendering to being miserable. Two people can look at the same picture and one will see beauty, the other scribble. It sounds easy enough but it really comes down to who you are around. It’s impossible to be a positive person surrounded by negative people. Try as you may, eventually they will bring you down. Choose where you spend your time and who you spend it with. Look for the good, the silver linings and focus on the things you are grateful for. Find something that makes you happy and do it all the time. Being positive is a one way ticket to happiness. Why not be a frequent flyer?

A-Z Quotes To Inspire


Catch your people doing something right and let them know you appreciate it

It’s so easy to notice what people don’t do. I know as a parent, I often fall into the trap of nagging my kids for leaving towels on the floor, a plate on the table, forgetting their homework paper on the counter. Why is it so easy to point out the bad? What is it that even drags us to that negative place in the first place? Don’t we all want praise? Don’t we all want someone to see the good things we do and appreciate us for it? Wouldn’t it be great if someone kept quiet about the bad and constantly praised us for the good. We are hard enough on ourselves without the rest of the world coming down on us too. Remember this quote, and please, choose one person a day and turn this practice into a new worthy habit. You will thank yourself for it and I am guessing everyone else will too.

A Battle Worth Fighting


It’s so easy to go south when it comes to my thoughts. I’m not talking about thoughts of sandy beaches and warm temperatures, I’m talking about negativity. The mind loves to play the victim and it is so easy to get caught up in its sticky web of doom and gloom. I was just sitting here thinking, here we go again, another day where I find myself sitting at home all alone. It is Saturday right? Weekdays seem to turn into weekend days at work and the truth is I don’t see my husband much anymore. It’s not his fault, he does the best he can to put in the time and effort necessary to provide us with all he can. Am I sad he is not around much anymore? Of course I am but does that mean my life is worthless and absent of love and joy…no! I have to remember to fight back. When the negativity comes charging in on a horse ready to take me out, I can either stand there passively or fight back. I have to learn to stop the negative thoughts in their tracks and replace them with gratitude and positivity. Thoughts become things so if I want better, I must choose better. What choice will you make today to lead you to a better place?

My New Don’t Leave Home Without It Checklist


1) A GOOD attitude or just stay home

2) An open mind. Who knows what wonderful things are out there waiting for you to receive them?Be open and ready so you don’t miss out

3) Positivity. Keep it in your pocket to counteract the negative you’re guaranteed to come across

4) Kindness Magnifying Glass so you can look a little closer when you think there’s none of it out there

5) Megaphone in case you really need to get someone’s attention like your daughter, when she forgets to say goodbye when you drop her off at school

Help me add to the list. What did I forget?

Are You Contagious?


I am really working on trying to be more positive. I have to say, that all this time I am devoting to listing what I am grateful for has made a huge difference. However, I have also realized that if I sit unenthusiastically and in a monotonous tone say or think the words, there is little or no effect. The biggest catalyst and most important step is making the very difficult, conscious choice to let the actions and words of everyone and everything around me that is extremely negative fall away from what I carry through the rest of my day. I stop, I feel the frustration, I acknowledge it and then I do my very best to let it go. Some things affect me deeply, but if I can let go of even part of those things then I am still on the right track.

So, what do I do with my deeper negativity? The negativity, frustration and anger I feel towards people and situations? The negativity that has grown alarmingly large at such a fast pace? I write it down. I blog about it. I leave it on the paper and then I just move on. That is one of the reasons some of my posts are filled with so much emotion, I have to get it out so there is room for something better. But, I don’t want to dump it on my readers, so it is for your benefit that I continue to purposely post inspiration and positivity.

On that note, count your blessings and give someone you don’t know a great big smile today. Make your smile contagious and see how far you can make it spread!

It’s A Feel Good Kind of Day


What will today bring? Look for the good all around you even if it is hard to see. Put on your great big positivity glasses and squint if you must, but make it your mission to seek it out. I have made a promise to myself to notice 3 things an hour that bring me peace. It may be little things, like making it through the yellow light before it turns red and being mindful of the things I am grateful for that I often forget to be mindful of. Sometimes, we have to tip the scale. We have the power to do it if we have the perseverance to make a continual effort. So, today is my own little Feel Good Gratitude Day. Sometimes, when it is change you seek, then you have to choose a new and mysterious path. It’s okay to venture off monotony road and hop onto discovery trail. Get out there, explore, and make it your mission to feel good today. I always welcome company so feel free to come along.