What Or Who is the Force that Drives You?


How do you define life? What is your personal view of life? We all have a life view and recently I started reading A Purpose Driven Life. Rick Warren suggests that many of the problems we are facing in our home country as well as in the world are a result of trying to coexist with incompatible life views. The more I think about it, the more I tend to agree. What is the source that drives you? Where does your motivation come from? Is it self? Others? God? Nothing? There is a quote that really resonates with me.

You can build your life on truth or you can build your life on trends-Rick Warren

How much does public opinion sway the way you think? And how much does the public opinion that sways your thinking develop you into the person you are today? I can’t help but wonder if the world has become so noisy that we can’t even hear the sound of our own voice. Would we even recognize it? Do we even have one anymore? Do you stand firm in what you believe? Is your own foundation built on rock or sand? These are some important questions to ask as well as how do you spend your time? I think we have to be honest about what is influencing us most. I’ve had to seriously and honestly evaluate what is influencing me based on how I spend my time. Do I watch tv? How many hours? WHAT do I watch? Do I read and is there anything of substance in the books I choose? I guess it all comes down to the original question? What is your life view and what drives you? It’s time to figure out who you really are and if that’s the person you are meant to be.

Thoughts On A Page


It’s been a day. I feel drained. Sometimes life takes more out of me than I’m able to give. I feel deeply on a ridiculous level. When I’m mad, I am really mad. When I am excited, I’m bouncing off the walls. I am one extreme or another, one of the reasons I fight so hard to find some kind of balance. When I’m off, I’m completely off and when life it good, it’s fantastic. Summer has thrown me off a bit. It’s time to get back up and take those baby steps toward finding what it is I am meant to do. I think I’m coming closer, I just can’t see it clearly yet. One day at a time. One step at a time. My first stop when the kids go back to school will be yoga. It is quiet there, welcoming, a place I can freely be to explore the things I once never imagined possible. A place that reminds me to continue to love the unlovable and be kind to the ones most would consider undeserving. A reminder to keep my heart open and continue to focus on what really matters instead of being clouded by the things that can blur my view. It is a place that reminds me everyone matters and most importantly, I matter. I have a job to do in this short life span of mine and it’s time to get back around to doing it.


The Meaning of Life


I know people who look all their lives searching for meaning. They wait and wonder what their purpose is or if they even have one at all. Why are we here? What is the point?

The more I step away from the mainstream of thought, the more I believe that we are here to love and be loved. Could that be our mission? Maybe it’s simpler than we make it out to be but we get tangled up in complicating it into something more. Maybe we are here to be happy and to learn to appreciate the little things that are all around us. Maybe we are here to experience amazing things and not get caught up in the things that will never matter. The amazing thing is life does not define us. We get to decide what life means to us and how we choose to live it. We are not a character in the book of life, we are the authors of our own lives and we get to write the story. The freedom and the hope in knowing that life is not happening to us allows us the courage and motivation to choose the life we really want to live.

Your life is a book. Open it up and write your story. Write about hope and love and adventure. Be who you want to be and fill it with the things you love. Make it amazing. It’s the most important thing you will ever do.