Yes, Actually I Do Judge A Book By Its Cover


I’m very spontaneous, especially when it comes to reading. I am usually enticed by the title and that’s what draws me in. This is the most recent pick. People Can’t Drive You Crazy If You Don’t Give Them The Keys by Mike Brechtle. I wish I read it years ago. It is really convincing me to look at my interactions and relationships in a new way. I have a passion for self help books. It’s ridiculous yet I am constantly evolving and a little help along the way never hurts anyone. 

What is the last book you decided to pick up and read just from looking at the cover?

What Kind Of Blogger Do you Think You Are?


There are some days, as much as I want to blog, I cannot seem to get even a single word onto the page. I guess blogging is like the seasons. Some seasons are made for writing, and other seasons for reading. I try and find balance between the two. Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we think we need to say that we completely shut ourselves off from listening. For me, I’ve discovered that the true beauty and gift in blogging is you can make it be exactly the way you want it to be. For me, I enjoy the comments and getting a feel for who writers are through the consistency and flow of their words. I like blogging to be a two way street and make it an effort to follow at least 2 new blogs a week. For some it is all about numbers and statistics with less concern about whether people are actually reading the posts and more concern with the number of people following. For me though, it will never be about the quantity of followers but specifically about the quality. I want to know that when someone hits my follow button it is because they are truly interested in what I have to say. And you can bet, if I am following you, I am reading the majority of the posts you took the time and energy to write as well.

So, I’m curious. How would you define blogging to personally describe what it is to you? Are you a writer, a reader, or are you looking to develop a family of bloggers where you can connect and find a new set of friends that overstep the definition and idea of what a traditional friend is supposed to be?

The thing I appreciate most about blogging is the deep connection I feel with people who are brave enough to bare their souls. I am amazed at the candid honesty that I read day after day by individuals that take a step out on a limb to really let someone through the protective barriers and allow others inside to see their innermost thoughts, beliefs, ideas and maybe even offer a glimpse at their soul. So today, I say thank you to everyone that follows me and who I also follow. From where I stand, it is a beautiful view. Keep writing, and you can bet, I will keep reading.