Take A Look Behind You


When is the last time you allowed yourself to drift back to a different time? A time when your world was full of innocence and the weightlessness of feeling young and invincible lifted you off the ground until you swore you could fly?

I don’t know why but we went for a hike a few weeks ago and there was a row of boulders all lined up. As I watched my daughter jump from one to the other, I saw myself all those years ago leaping across the rocks that had become my personal path to the bus stop. Every day and every afternoon I would skip those rocks without a care in the world. When we are young we have no concept of fear. We are bold and adventurous and always searching for the most courageous way to flip off the jungle gym. But then something happens. We notice that others are watching us and we start acting according to the way they think we should behave . We trade our uniqueness for the magic token that makes us fit in. We become so consumed in what everyone thinks of us, that the very essence of who we are becomes hidden behind who people think we should be.

Sometimes it’s important to go back. Find that child that you once were and watch her from afar. Take a good look and watch her play. Watch her run and roll down a hill. Watch her act silly and giggle until her stomach hurts. Notice her freedom and the sparkle in her eyes. Reconnect and become one. You may just find that the younger version of you had it right all those years ago and the older one, neglecting her true self, made decisions that took her even further away from who she knew she could be. The truth is this. There is no magic token that will ever make you feel like you completely belong. Besides, if we were made to be the same, God would have created robots instead of people. Be proud of who you are and be different. Sometimes when you are different, you stand alone, but at least then people will notice you.