Where Are You?


Drained, like an empty bladder. Every ounce of my body feels tired, worn out. Sometimes when I spill my heart and soul into posts, this is what happens. When I dig down deep and pull up those things that have haunted me for so long, there is a beautiful release. My body and mind go limp and finally my mind gets quiet. It’s so rare that I get these moments of silence. It’s like a silent healing energy wrapping it’s loving arms around me until I fall into its peace. That is where you’ll find me today. 

Just breathe


Yesterday I was having a really difficult day. I was anxious and nothing I did was working to shake it off. At the beginning of yoga, the instructor asked us to lie back. What she said next was a beautiful gift to me. I’d like to share those words with you and maybe you can remember them in a time of need.

“For the next 60 minutes, all you have to do is breathe. Nothing exists inside this room. There are no to do lists. Yesterday is not invited and tomorrow is not welcome either. You are here, safe right now and all that is required is breathing in and out.”

The amount of pressure I walked in with started to float away. Right there, in that single moment I felt release. And for the next 60 minutes, all I did was breathe.

A Temporary Break


Sometimes, when you write enough, the brain gets quiet. Sometimes it takes writing several posts a day to finally stop the thoughts, but when that moment comes that ” you got nothing”, there is a sense of relief. That quiet, calm uninterrupted feeling is a welcome change and I am going to take a moment to enjoy it. How often do you find moments like this one? How much writing do you have to do to finally find the silence? I can actually hear the clock ticking and the refrigerator running. The mind and it’s constant racing are a distraction we become so used to that we do not even recognize the power it holds until we find it’s release. What do you do to find that release?