Getting Your Priorities Straight


Do you ever have to stop yourself and say slow down? I am in such a habit of doing that sometimes I find it difficult to allow myself the opportunity to just relax. It is so important to mentally release myself from the endless list of things I think I have to do. The most important thing is to listen to my mind and body and make them the priority. Yesterday I was driving and could barely keep my eyes open. For the first time in a long time, I allowed myself to take a nap and I swear I woke up an entirely different person. This is your reminder to listen to that inner voice reminding you to take care of yourself. You deserve to be your own priority. The rest can wait.

A Day To Breathe


My plan for today is to have no plan. Sometimes it’s okay to sit back with my feet up and allow life to come. I know at least for me, it is common to lace up my running shoes and run full speed to take life on. It just doesn’t need to be that way. Not everyday anyway. So today, I take time to breathe and find peace in the uncertainty that is all around me. The world will survive just fine without me so I can take a few moments to stop trying to save it. Sometimes I need to save myself. Today will be one of those days.

Guilty As Charged!


If there’s one thing I am constantly guilty of, it is speaking without thinking. I am a blurterer. When I have a thought, it comes spewing out my mouth as words and sometimes there are consequences that I’d like to escape. I think I just made up a new word but it sure is fitting. Just today, my husband spent hours making breakfast and chopping vegetables for dinner and several more hours cleaning the kitchen up. I am a speed demon, and the amount of time it takes others to do something in the short amount of time it would take me to do it is frustrating. Terrible huh? I know, I know. The truth is, because this is the last day of break I am trying hard to relax and enjoy the day. So when the kids starting hiding next to me in the bed because DAD was making them do some chores and clean their rooms, I called him in for a little one on one conference. What I should have told him was how much I appreciated breakfast because really it was delicious and how I also appreciated that he cleaned up after everyone else in the room had scattered. I did mention that today was a day I was allowing myself to be calm, and causing an uproar to get unmotivated kids, on their last day of break to clean would probably not accommodate my plan to remain peaceful.

The fact is this. If everyone would take care of their own stuff, there would be so much less to do. It always seems to be that person who picks up everyone’s slack that suffers the most. Well, today, this person told herself that no amount of chores or cleaning could make up for a day of laying around, blogging, watching movies, and reading. It’s okay to take a break. Even the good Lord took one when His work was done. So today, I will bask in the calmness and the beautiful view as I look out my bedroom window. And when my husband comes back inside, I will thank him for all he has done today and remind him it’s okay for him to take a break along side of me too. I’m learning a little more, one day at a time. Sometimes it’s the baby steps that lead us to do amazing things in the world. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Cold and Gray


Today was wonderful. I don’t usually look forward to cold, cloudy days, but this one provided some much needed stillness and rest. I love when it stays dark all day. For in the darkness there is a message. It says, don’t clean because you won’t notice the dust if the sun does not come out. Don’t jump up and go because it is cold, stay at home and keep warm. And the best message of all, take a warm bath, build a fire and sit around in your pajamas all day so you are completely comfortable and at rest.

So, today I listened and that is exactly what I decided to do. It’s okay to rest once awhile and fight the pressure in your mind that tries to convince you that you’re always supposed to be moving and doing and going. It’s okay to shut that voice off in your head that never finds a minute to just let you be in the moment to enjoy doing nothing. Today, I beat that voice. Today I listened to what I needed and not what my mind believed I should do. Today, peace won over busyness and calm won over craziness. Today I am content and happy and enjoying the quiet calm each moment brings. It is days like these that repair the damage that a busy week can bring, it is days like these that prepare us to get through the busy days that are about to come and it is days like these that I find gratitude in the little moments that make the greatest difference. Here’s hoping you had a chilly, gray day too….

Catching Up


It’s hard not to relax when you light a fire, throw a pillow on the floor, grab a blanket, and just let yourself be. That is where you would find me if by chance you could peer into a window of my home. There are millions of things I need to be doing, but just for tonight, I am taking a few hours off. Sometimes I wonder if time only exists in my mind. Some preconceived notion of what I should accomplish with each full circle of the hands of the clock. Tonight, I put my clock on pause. We go and go and go until we are so completely fatigued that just the thought of what we need to do becomes overwhelming. So, that is our red flag to slow down the pace of life while pushing the pause button on our imaginary and self induced busy schedule for a little bit of good ole fashioned down time. The dishes can wait, the laundry can pile up, and I in return will I catch up on doing nothing. Holidays are great but traveling and eating are always quite exhausting. So, tonight’s schedule will be filled with my feet being propped up and a whole lot of rest and relaxation. Anyone care to join me?

A Rainy Day


I’m not sure what it is about rainy days. It’s almost like the darkness translates a message of calm to my entire body. A feeling that there is nothing pressing to do and no place important enough to go. It is a calm, in the sunny energy of life, where I can just let myself be. I can let all the tired finally catch up and feel it completely in a wonderful relaxing way, absent the pressure of time or list of things to do. Rainy days are a rare occurrence where I live, but when one comes along I embrace it with all my might and know that calm energy will prepare me for whatever comes up with the sun tomorrow.