What is Your Ripple?


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.’ ~Mother Teresa

I sigh as I scroll through my feed and see more headlines regarding the circus and clowns that participate in the show. It is clear to me that everything we say and everything we do inspires something in someone. So many choices. What should we choose? We could inspire outrage,anger, hatred, hope, Joy, love. The possibilities are endless so I suggest you ask yourself, what is it I am sending out? What is my ripple? Why am I doing it? What are the consequences? We spend far too much time talking and far to little thinking.

I went to lunch with a friend today and there was a sign that caught my attention. It read these words.


That is my intention today. Tell me what you choose? Be honest.

A Tiny Ripple


I failed miserably two nights ago. I was faced with a situation I wasn’t happy about and I didn’t respond in a way I was proud of. Lucky for me, history repeats itself and today I had a second chance. Much better attitude and response today.

People will always challenge us whether they mean to or not. How we react directly influences how how we will make them feel about themselves. The sad part is usually our reaction is mostly about us and not at all about them. Breathe before you act. Think before you speak. Every word is a ripple. It touches a person directly and keeps on moving. Our moods and our attitude can spread like a peaceful, beautiful wave or the kind the knocks you on your can and violently drags you through the sand.

What kind of ripple will you send out today? Pay attention.