Exactly Where I’m Meant To Be


Do you ever stop and wonder how different your life could be? Today we celebrate my husbands 51st birthday. I can’t help but pause and think how different my life would be without him in my world. Our lives can take so many different twists and turns. There are so many different decisions we could have made, different roads we might have taken but right now I am grateful for where I am standing. The ride hasn’t always been perfect or comfortable but I can honestly say I have a wonderful life. As we threw the ingredients into the bowl and finally poured that cake batter into the pan, I was just about to call my son out for the remnants of chocolate on his face when I felt a little drip from my own. Yes, like is good and we are exactly where we’re meant to be. Take time to enjoy the journey, especially if you get lost along the way.

Can You Hear The Warning?


I realized something very important today. I do not want to die. Every Saturday, at 12:00 sharp there is loud tornado warning here. Often times, it goes unnoticed. But days like today, when I actually hear it, it causes absolute panic and terror inside of me. I guess because my body automatically responds like I am in a state of an actual threat. After it quiets down, I am reminded that I must stay on guard, that I am responsible for my own safety. The warning itself can only protect me if I seek out a shelter that is strong and safe.

I can’t help but wonder how different my life would be if I payed more attention to my internal alarms. Some call it gut instinct, while others call it a slight discomfort and knowing that something just isn’t right. Alarms and early warnings save lives. They allow someone the opportunity to get out of the situation they are in and find safer ground. I need to listen more closely to the alarms inside of me. I need to allow them to guide me to a better place where I can let down my walls of steel and know that I am safe. We sometimes forget that we do have choices. We can avoid paths that lead us to places that do not feel good for the soul. We can find paths that lead us to a happier place where we can find the freedom to breathe and play.

Life is too short to follow the same rugged road. Sometimes it leads us to an untimely death of our emotions and spirit, and what kind of life does that offer us in the end if we allow ourselves to be half dead? Choose the road that makes you feel most alive because we only have one chance to get this precious opportunity of life right. Listen to the alarms, and instead of letting them paralyze you with fear, let them be a strong reminder that you need to choose a safer place to be.