What I Know About Basketball And Gambling


I don’t really like to gamble. To me, it is taking hard earned money and tossing it away. However, once in awhile I do accompany my husband to the casino. Our favorite is roulette. We look at the whole underlying concept of betting entirely different ways. Let me explain. If my husband notices red coming up over and over again, he will bet black and he loses almost every time. I however am a girl that believes in flow. If something is flowing naturally in one direction, why on earth would I stand there blocking the current while forcing it to flow the other way? It sounds crazy and exhausting and well, impossible. So I bet with the flow.

Last night I stayed up to watch our local Thunder team play some basketball. I held out hope for a win until the very last second but deep down I knew it wasn’t going to be in the cards. The coaches made a wager to go against the natural flow of the game. When I saw Durant hold that ball in his hands in a last minute attempt to win the game, I knew before he even attempted the three pointer it was not going in. It just wasn’t his best game last night. I would have given that ball to Westbrook and watch him plow through Memphis defense to score two points in a simple lay up. Should I take over as new head coach of the Thunder? Probably not. But I think there is an important lesson behind going with the flow. What do you think?