oh What A Night!


So, early this morning I did a 5K run. Let me back up a little and start at the beginning. Last night we went to dancing in the park. I actually met my husband country dancing 19 years ago. It will be fun, I said and romantic, dancing under the stars. After the 5th time he stepped on my foot and I reacted in a less than favorable way, we mutually agreed the dancing part of our night was over, done. That was the end of it. We headed back toward home but needed to swing by the roller rink and pick up my son. I sent him a text as we were pulling in. Our conversation looked something like this. 

Are you ready?

20 minutes …

I think my wrist is broken

Are you serious?


Dad is on his way in

I’d like to tell you that it was a quick in and out of the emergency room but they must have been giving something away, it was packed and everytime we turned around we would hear CODE BLUE. Attention, CODE BLUE. After 3 long hours of waiting and my son snapping selfies of himself to get pity from the ladies, the doctor still wasn’t sure if it was broken but put a temporary cast on and told us to come back for more X-rays after the swelling went down. We were finally on our way home when out of nowhere, some maniac in a truck ran a red light, made a left turn into our lane and was headed straight for us. I shudder to think of what would have happened if my husband didn’t stop at the intersection even though we had a green light. I believe it was somewhere around 2:30 in the morning when we finally rolled up the driveway.

Back to the 5K. Do you know what the best part of running any race is? The finish line. At least for me. And how I made it there is pretty pathetic but hey, it did get me there. I am not proud about what I did but I will share it with you anyway. There was a little boy around two and a half feet tall running up ahead of me. I was trailing behind, out of breath, when I saw him look back at me and pick up speed. That little bast!&$ was challenging me to come and try to pass him AND I did. I am ridiculously competitive and there was no way in heaven he was gonna beat me. I didn’t care that he was only 5. It was a competition, game on! I am proud to report that I crossed the finish line at 38 minutes, and him? Lol! 54. I kicked his little butt and that’s all that mattered. I got the best of him. I won! I pushed through as exhausted as I was, the whole time feeling like I could not breathe and dragged myself across that finish line where I collapsed and prayed for a speedy death, which by the way, did not come. I was miserable and hot but at least it was done. On a positive note, we did raise money and awareness for a good cause so we will just end the story there.

Did I mention it’s our anniversary? Wow! What a start. It began at 12:00 in a local ER and it’s still going strong. I’m not real curious about how the rest of the day will play out. Maybe I should just go back to bed and finally get some sleep or maybe not. What do you think?

Oh and one more thing! If you were wondering what my husband was doing at the hospital while I was worried sick…..


One Foot In Front Of The Other


Yep. That’s how I’m doing it, this running thing. I thought I would give it an honest try. The hardest part is finding the balance between expecting too much from myself but pushing myself at the same time. Last week I did 6 miles. How pitiful I thought as I sat and pondered over it. Than I almost burst out laughing because I realize that six miles in more than I did in an entire year. So, you know what they say, perspective is everything and that’s all I needed to set a goal of a minimum of seven miles this week. One step at a time, one week at a time, one mile at a time. That is how it is done. And, now when my calf muscles tighten and my hammys tense up, I sing that silly song and it makes me smile. Put one foot in front of the other….I bet it will be stuck in your head now too. Sorry.


To a Run or Not To Run. That Is The Question.


When is the last time you challenged yourself to do something you knew would be really difficult? Last night my daughter asked me to do a marathon with her. I just about spit out my drink. You know those shows you watch that use the sound of crickets when someone says something completely shocking and outrageous? Last night I heard the crickets.

Saturday when I was at yoga, the instructor asked us to lay on our belly and place one cheek on the floor. She explained, everyone has one side that feels better. Then, she asked us to turn our head to the other side and feel how different and uncomfortable it feels. The uncomfortable side signifies everything that is difficult in our lives. It also signifies anything we resist. I could feel that marathon right there beneath my right cheek.

I woke up today and I gave the whole idea some fresh thought. Maybe, just maybe, I could do a half marathon. Then I thought about all the training. My knees, my back, the time. Did I really want to take this on? I hate to fail. For me it is not an option so if I commit to this I have to follow through. Why would I want to? Well, for one, it is something my daughter and I could look forward to and experience together. It would help me get in shape. It would help me deal with stress. I also know all too well how good I would feel if I could check something like this off my bucket list. Did I mention my knees and my back? How in the world could I possible work around them and even more scary, how do I even get started. For me, starting something is always the hardest step. Once I get going and commit, the rest just falls into place.

So, I am leaving it up to a vote and if you vote for me to go for it then I expect some encouragement from the sidelines as I update my progress. So, what do you think? Should I do it? What would you do and why?



Finding Your Flow


I started succumbing to my old ways recently. Every day I wake up, I have this ridiculous idea that I have to spend every waking minute of the day running around and doing something. I don’t particularly enjoy that lifestyle, I just sometimes catch the ailment from watching others doing it all around me.

Today, my husband decided he was going to drive the kids to school and that meant I was going to sleep in. After I quieted my monkey mind from wondering if Chase would remember to hand in his math book, his orchestra report and his study guide, if he didn’t leave it in my husbands car, I finally drifted back to sleep. I got up, flew around the house cleaning as quickly as I could and jumped in the car to head for Yoga. As I was backing up, something inclined me to put the car back in drive, pull back into the garage and just stay home.

I am reminded today that we have to give ourselves permission to have a lazy day at home. There is nowhere we have to be and nothing so pressing that we have to do something every moment of the day. This has been the best day I have enjoyed in a long time. I have to remind myself that there is a reason I am not a runner. It is because I do not like to run. I am more the yoga type that likes to move slowly and more purposely and be in the moment. It is okay to to give myself permission to be me.

I hope your day is a good one regardless of how you are choosing to spend it. Don’t feel like you have to live like anyone else or even be like everyone else. Find your own flow and follow it passionately. You will know when you are on the right path. It will just feel right.