Yes, it’s Monday!


Today started off with a bang. My husband was kind enough to take over kid duty today and let me sleep in. Last night I decided to check my sons biology homework and inadvertently forgot to put his workbook back in his binder. Faintly, deep from dream world, I heard the habitual notification from my phone. When I got up to check it, I had 15 messages from my son that looked something like this. Mom. Mom? Mom? Did you take my biology flex book? Mom, are you up? Mom. Mom. Mom? Can you please hurry and bring my book? And just like that, I was off to the races. I threw a pair of sneakers on and the first pair of shorts and sweatshirt I could find and I was on my way. Of course, he takes 0 hour which is 45 minutes before school actually starts so now it was a battle between me and the bus in front of me that stopped every couple of feet. Finally I arrived at school and wouldn’t you know there was no one working the front desk? I just walked right in and down the hall I thought his classroom would be in but the room was empty. Luckily the teacher has a distinctive voice so I followed the sound and luckily found my son sitting in the front row of what looked like the lab. Like my old 8 year old self trying to pass a note all those years ago, I whispered Chase a few times which caught the attention of every student in the first third of the class and he met me in the hall to grab his book. I didn’t see this coming for my Monday morning. You just never know. How did your day start off? Hopefully less hectic than mine.

No! Not Monday


Have you ever noticed that everything seems more overwhelming on Monday? That whole, take things one day at a time philosophy goes right out the window and all I can see is a weeks worth of meetings and appointments ahead of me. Of course, this happens to be the first full week of school so throw that into the mix of dropping off and picking up kids from school. And what will the teacher think of me when I am already pulling one kid out of class for a doctors appointment? I guess on a good note, we will finally know for sure if my sons wrist is broken so maybe there’s a chance that cast won’t have to stay on. I forgot how miserable it is to put a child’s shoe on and this child is 13. I guess it’s hard to tie your shoe with one hand.

Here’s wishing a very slow- paced, happy Monday to everyone. Let’s do this thing.

Gasping For Air


Some days are busier than others. It just works out that way. Some days we hit all red lights and other times we fly right through. One thing is an absolute. If you are short on time and running late, you will not only hit every red light and find nowhere left to park, but you will most likely get stuck behind at least one train.

That has been my day. I had to get the kids to school and my husband was kind enough to fit me in for a brief breakfast before I had to get my daughter to her 11:00 dentist appointment. Rush, rush, rush leads to stress, stress, stress. I am one of those people that plan far in advance and leave way in advance to allow myself to have plenty of time. But today, when I sat there furiously waiting for the train to pass while I was on my way around the block for a second time looking for a spot to park, I had to chuckle. Feeling like things are entirely out of my control drives me crazy inside. What could I do right? And what was the big deal if I was the one who was a little late for a change?

After breakfast my husband told me he enjoyed grabbing a breath of fresh air with me. I told him I felt like I was gasping for air as I jogged to the car to go pick up my daughter at school. And I waited at school and then for the dentist who was running behind which served an important lesson for me to remember. All the stress and anxiety in the world will not get me anywhere any faster. It will just put me and everyone around me in a stinky mood so I might as well be late with a positive attitude.

What is your day like today? Are you taking time to breathe the air or are you choking and gasping? Make sure you check in with yourself and try a to take a moment to find some balance. And stop rushing because no matter how hard you try and avoid it, sometimes you will just be a few minutes late.

Oh no! only 2 Weeks Until Christmas!


I have to chuckle at all the Facebook posts and conversations with friends and family about how stressed they are over Christmas rapidly approaching. They have every excuse to feel bad for themselves and pages and pages of things they need to get done leading up to Christmas Day. Just yesterday my mother told me you can’t plan on not feeling well for a couple of weeks. Well, she’s right. You can’t plan not feeling well but you can plan for Christmas. You actually have 12 full months to plan and prepare. Remember those people that I mentioned in another blog post that made condescending remarks about me probably having my tree and shopping done around Thanksgiving? Well, this is when I quietly high five myself while they are scrambling around feeling exhausted and sorry for themselves. It’s not really that I rush into the holiday season, it’s just that I am prepared to tackle it, so as the days grow closer I can actually enjoy myself and count them down in giddy anticipation.

Now, I actually am an empathetic person, so I do actually feel for anyone feeling the stressful crunch. I also am sad that they are missing feeling the joy and peace that go along with really being able to enjoy every moment, free from the nagging reminder of all the things on their Still Have To Do List. This year, my hope is that there is a lesson in procrastination. That people stop falling into the same patterns and stop fighting the urge to be “one of those ridiculous people that jump into Christmas too soon”. They are only hurting themselves. I can tell you this. It is a whole lot better to be eating Christmas cookies for 2 weeks then worrying about when you will find time to bake them. And, somehow I bet mine taste better too! So, next year, get it done a little earlier. It will make all the difference in the end, I promise.