What’s Your Preference?


I’m unusually excited tonight. There is nothing I love more than having no set schedule to follow. There is one more day of school and then the kids are on fall break. Some people love every time slot of their day filled with something to do but others, like myself, love to be free. So I say bring it on so we can travel the road we choose at a slower pace.

Which do you prefer? No schedule or over scheduled?

No! Not Monday


Have you ever noticed that everything seems more overwhelming on Monday? That whole, take things one day at a time philosophy goes right out the window and all I can see is a weeks worth of meetings and appointments ahead of me. Of course, this happens to be the first full week of school so throw that into the mix of dropping off and picking up kids from school. And what will the teacher think of me when I am already pulling one kid out of class for a doctors appointment? I guess on a good note, we will finally know for sure if my sons wrist is broken so maybe there’s a chance that cast won’t have to stay on. I forgot how miserable it is to put a child’s shoe on and this child is 13. I guess it’s hard to tie your shoe with one hand.

Here’s wishing a very slow- paced, happy Monday to everyone. Let’s do this thing.

Wait! There Is no Pause Button


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The brainstorming has started over what gift to match with each name picked. The kids have projects due and finals they are beginning to stress over. The schedule is full. Work Christmas parties, concerts, swim meets, shopping, stressing over all that needs to get done. Sometimes I wish I could take the great big remote control of life and just press pause. I can feel the anxiety building. It happens when I look too far ahead or at least when I look at chunks of time in weeks. Today, I needed to calm myself down and remind myself to take one thing on the list at a time. That’s it, no more. One day at a time and the will and patience to focus on that one thing while retraining my mind from jumping onto the next.

Slow it down, that is what the voices in my head are screaming at me. The anxiety is quietly trying to rise to the surface and the logical part is fighting to be in the moment. I can’t enjoy today if my mind is racing toward tomorrow. So, note to self and to anyone reading. Stay calm. It will all work out and it will all get done. The choice you have to make though, is will you make it miserable dreading each and every moment or will you stomp your feet, cross your arms and be where you are completely not allowing time to steal the only moment you really have?

Now get moving, there’s still a lot to do!

Keep It In Check


It is not what we do that is so important but rather the manner in which we do it. Have you checked out your attitude lately? Yesterday was such a busy day for me. My schedule was jam packed and coming off a five day weekend made it seem even harder. I was actually stressed about it for two days. After we have a short reprieve in a busy schedule, the thought of resuming it once again can lead to feeling overwhelmed.

Somehow, I woke up pretty early. I got so many things done before my day even started. As I entered into the long list of errands on my list, I noticed I was excited. Each time I crossed something off, my enthusiasm grew. By noon I was high fiving myself and really believing that I totally rocked. Attitude is everything. Talk yourself into a good one. I promise it will make an amazing difference.

Oh Yay! it’s Monday!


How do you have a good day when you didn’t have a great nights sleep, your phone rings at 8:30 in the morning, only to hang up when you answer and you already have a whole list of places you have to go and things to get done? It’s hard to be forced awake before you are ready with the day already planned for you. That’s just how most days are. I guess how your day goes boils down to the attitude you have about it in the first place. Can you change the way you wake up feeling? How can you add one more thing to a list that is already overflowing?

The second my eyes opened today, I decided I was too tired for yoga. Trying to jam that into running kids around to doctor appointments, dropping them at friends, bringing them to practice twice a day and accomplishing my habitual clean the house on Mondays does not leave room for another trip across town for an hour of yoga. That is what we need to remember. We must jam in the one thing that is just for us. We are constantly going and doing for everyone around us and the one thing we sacrifice is that one thing we do for ourself.

I am going to try and start the morning over again. On my way to pick up one kid with the other in the car to immediately make a doctors appointment, I am going to make a mental list of reasons I should feel happy and grateful. It’s easy to get caught up in the “poor me” craze that infects the world we live in with negativity. All it takes is one pity me attitude and people are more than willing to volunteer and jump right in. It’s almost like a verbal contest to prove who does more or who has it worse. When is the last time you had a verbal contest about who has it better? Got you there didn’t I?

Well, wish me luck as I turn this defeated attitude into one of a warrior. It’s time to fight my way back to a better mental place and I guarantee that will make the day more pleasant for all of us. After all, what’s the worse case scenario if I skip cleaning the house today? Sometimes it’s okay to not hold yourself accountable to a silly schedule you create. Go with the flow, change it up and most importantly, give yourself a little break. The laundry will still be there waiting when you find the time to do it.

Gasping For Air


Some days are busier than others. It just works out that way. Some days we hit all red lights and other times we fly right through. One thing is an absolute. If you are short on time and running late, you will not only hit every red light and find nowhere left to park, but you will most likely get stuck behind at least one train.

That has been my day. I had to get the kids to school and my husband was kind enough to fit me in for a brief breakfast before I had to get my daughter to her 11:00 dentist appointment. Rush, rush, rush leads to stress, stress, stress. I am one of those people that plan far in advance and leave way in advance to allow myself to have plenty of time. But today, when I sat there furiously waiting for the train to pass while I was on my way around the block for a second time looking for a spot to park, I had to chuckle. Feeling like things are entirely out of my control drives me crazy inside. What could I do right? And what was the big deal if I was the one who was a little late for a change?

After breakfast my husband told me he enjoyed grabbing a breath of fresh air with me. I told him I felt like I was gasping for air as I jogged to the car to go pick up my daughter at school. And I waited at school and then for the dentist who was running behind which served an important lesson for me to remember. All the stress and anxiety in the world will not get me anywhere any faster. It will just put me and everyone around me in a stinky mood so I might as well be late with a positive attitude.

What is your day like today? Are you taking time to breathe the air or are you choking and gasping? Make sure you check in with yourself and try a to take a moment to find some balance. And stop rushing because no matter how hard you try and avoid it, sometimes you will just be a few minutes late.

Gimme A Break!


“Gimme a break, gimme a break. Break me off a piece of that KitKat bar!”

We all need a break sometimes. If only we could find a magic little candy or a magic little pill that could take us to a momentary place of peace. A place we could rest and unwind and be free of any and all harmful thoughts.

We are on the tale end of spring break. It’s nice really, escaping the endless to do list that comes along with having kids in sports and school. It is a mini vacation of the mind allowing me the time to recharge and prepare to dive back into life’s hectic city that never sleeps once again.

There is a freedom that comes along with being schedule free. A freedom that comes with no pressing time schedule and nowhere we have to be. A freedom that blesses us with a few hours of extra sleep, no homework, no ratrace. It is a calm place where we can rest and make the time we have our own to spend it anyway we choose.

I realize as I get older, I have to schedule more rest or break time into my life. It isn’t about being lazy or unmotivated, it is about giving the body, mind, and spirit a temporary break. It is a time to allow all three to reconnect so we can be the best version of ourselves we were meant to be.

Now that the KitKat jingle is stuck in my head, may it serve as a necessary reminder that we all need a KitKat moment from time to time. So give yourself a break and keep a KitKat bar around where it is visible to remind yourself to break a piece off for yourself once in a while too.