The Contradiction in Mixed Messages


One thing I learned in the public school system is that rules and laws cannot apply to some and not to all. Rules and standards of behavior must be consistently followed by everyone or the lines between what someone thinks is wrong or right completely fades away. Rules and laws are for our protection. We don’t get to dismiss them because they hurt our feelings or tug at our heartstrings. The world is filled with so much gray area that there is very little black and white. It’s no wonder that people have become so confused in their thinking and that so much chaos has showed itself the last few years. People need consistency and clarity as well as consequences for behavior and not a pass because of who you are or what position you hold. The mixed messages and double standards are tainting the thinking of many especially our youth and as a parent I find this near impossible to overcome. I feel sad that I have been forced to take my kid out of school so that what I have tried to teach him in our home is not undermined at school or out in the world. It is a tough balance trying to reach a place where our children develop sound thinking. How are we supposed to get them there when everywhere they look there is contradiction? Shoutout to the parents that keep fighting the good fight. You have a responsibility that goes beyond what you may never even comprehend. We can’t give up. Our children deserve better.

There Is Always Another Way


We are afraid to take the leap out of the life we know and into the life that is made to fit us so much better. We become trapped in the idea that there is only one way, one option, one normal despite the fact that the one way we think is the only way completely paralyzes us.

It has been 7 years that I have been fighting against a school system who never enforced or followed through on my sons accommodations. I have barely survived year after year as the people who were supposed to support my son and family did nothing but destroy us and my faith in any good coming from a school. The stress and anxiety and panic attack’s that we have had to endure have been tough growing pains but today I leave it all behind as we venture into the new normal of charter school. As I sit here tonight, the relief I feel that we are done dealing with the disaster traditional public school has become, leaves me with a peace I have not known for quite some time. No more emails unanswered. No more waiting weeks for a single assignment to be graded. No more meetings of empty promises and wasted days. We are done and never looking back.

Do not suffer on a path if you have another option. Do not try and fit yourself into a box you could never fit into to. If something isn’t working, do something different. My only regret is that it took me so long but I have a feeling next year will be one of the calmest and happiest years we’ve had in a long time. We are not meant to struggle or be miserable. There is always a way out and a new door that will lead to a life that is so much better. The door is open. All you have to do is walk on through. I hope to see you on the other side.

Stop Demanding and People Will Start Listening


Sometimes less is more and overdoing something is the same as undoing what you’ve tried to do in the first place. This lesson is so important to understand and so very hard to learn. In a time where we think it’s okay to demand people hear the point we are trying to make, over pushing and over talking are actually closing people off to the ideas we are so desperately trying to get across. Our approach along with our tone are key when it comes to capturing our audience. Words like I demand will only turn the person off to what you are about to say. When you use fighting words and you approach others looking to bring a fight, you will get a fight back. Toddlers demand. Adults talk.

So what makes me so sure I know this is right? It wasn’t too long ago that I spent years of my life in school meetings demanding the school do what was right. My son had accommodations that certain teachers refused to follow and I was going to demand they do it or else. Or else what? They took it out on my kid, they still wouldn’t adhere to the plan and I had a fight with the school for 4 long years. All my time and energy went into sabotaging those years for myself. I certainly didn’t get the results I intended but I sure made enemies along the way. So what did I learn? I learned that an approach that works better sounds something like this…”I don’t have all the answers but I am willing to work with you to find some solutions.” Can you see the difference?

If anyone learns anything from my own misfortune then I will be grateful. Be mindful about the words you use. Sometimes too strong is not the best choice. Everyday is a chance to grow and be smarter. There’s always something new to learn.

How Corruption Destroys Us All


The horrible memories of a distant school experience remain buried someplace in my mind. The thing that is irrefutable is that when anyone believes they are above the rules or law, when they are allowed to escape consequences for their improper actions, they remain in a position to repeat the offense. These people are unafraid and will stop at nothing because really, who is going to stop them? The very people who should punish their behavior protect and defend the people who do not belong in the position they are in because their misuse of power hurts people they are meant to serve and protect. We know people like this in every organization. Look at these poor gymnasts and this terrible doctor. We have to stop protecting them and it is long overdue that justice should be served. I’ve been forced to move on and let this all go because I was powerless to stop it. I fought hard but there were many more who chose to cover it up and look away than there were those who wanted to do the right thing. For all the families who will come after me and experience what my family has had to endure, I am sorry. I couldn’t fight a crooked system. When there is no justice system, there can be no justice.

The Final Chapter


I’ve been hesitant to share this but I feel the time is finally right. A while back, I filed a discrimination case against the school with The Office of Civil Rights. The school absolutely refused to meet my sons accommodations and after begging and pleading for several years, I realized I had no other option than to go this route. I really thought foolishly that teachers and administrators would bend over backwards to help kids anyway they could. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Just like those NFL players, I took my place in front of them week after week trying to be heard. I tried negotiating, begging, bargaining and anything else I could think of to get him the resources he needed. They pushed back hard. The principal tried to threaten and intimidate me to make me go away. Chase started to see repercussions in a particular class and I had to pull him out and place him with another teacher. Our family was falling apart. I kept fighting because like any mother, I would do anything to get my son the help he needed. I was placed on depression medication and had panic attacks where I couldn’t breathe. The situation was killing me but it wasn’t right to let them get away with this and I never wanted a single kid or family to go through what we had to endure. It was the worst time in my entire life. I was interviewed by OCRs lawyer and told I would hear from them. I did 16 months later. 

In the meantime, my son switched over to high school and slowly but surely life was getting back to normal. There was a day I assumed OCR would never get back to me and I came to the realization that if I remained obsessed with that debilitating experience, I would allow those teachers and that horrible administrator to lock me in that hell that I didn’t want to live in anymore. It was ruining my life. My noble notion to do something good for future kids  along with my need to see these horrible people pay a price was killing me slowly one day at a time. Guess what! No one cares. No one came to rescue me as I was drowning in a pain I never should have owned. The only choice I had was to let it go. By holding onto my obsession to hold these people rightly accountable, I was losing precious days of finding joy and living my life. 

I received a letter from OCR two weeks ago (now 18 months) stating that because the allotted time expired since filing my complaint, my case was being closed and no investigation would take place. Was this fair that due to them dragging their feet to get around to my case that I was being punished? You bet your ass it isn’t but guess what? That’s the way it is and crying and dwelling on it will not change the circumstances anyway. I never had a chance because when there is no enforcement of codes and rules and laws, people can do whatever they want. The wrong people are being protected and like it or not that’s just the way it is. 

I’m happy to report I am off my medication and feel happy and grateful most of the time. Chase is doing fantastic in school and I think our lives are no longer controlled by the school system. 

Life isn’t fair. Period. This chapter is closed and this story is over. It feels so good to put it behind me and really move on. Put down what is too heavy for you to carry. Stop choosing to be a victim of your circumstances. Stop thinking people should care about your problems. Stop trying to punish those who cause you pain. Stop thinking the world owes you a favor or you are entitled to a better outcome. Be your own hero and do everything you can to fix whatever you can and leave the rest behind. Move on, be grateful and focus on what is good in your life. Only then will you truly be free. 

Be The Peace


Some days there is a brutal battle between my mind and body. One part of me wants to sit in peace while the other part incessantly reminds me why sitting is not an option. The mind is a powerful thing. Learn to tame it or it will take control over you. Repeat after me…peace is good. Thoughts are generally a waste of time. Take that walk. Enjoy the outdoors. Practice inner peace. It’s okay not to have a plan or agenda. It is healthy to take time to rejuvenate your soul. My intention today is to allow peace to fill me up and I extend that intention to you as well. Be at peace. Be the peace the world desperately needs right now. 

Think More, Do Less 


Do you ever stop and ask yourself, is what I’m doing getting me to my end goal? I do it all the time. There can be a million people following a process but if it doesn’t make sense to me, I’m just not going to do it. I question everything big or small to make sure I am not wasting time going through motions that do nothing to advance my agenda. Just tonight I helped my son study for a history exam. They were given the blank, study guide at the end of class. Did I mention the test is tomorrow? So, we spent the night searching for answers to questions that may or may not be right that get handed in tomorrow before the exam for a grade. No one goes over the questions to make sure these kids have the right answers. They go through the motions of studying information that they think is right but what if it’s not? Is there no such thing as common sense anymore? Who is accountable and for what exactly? I’m really confused about the point behind this process. We had 1.5 hours of chemistry tutoring that should have taken 45 minutes but because of the busy, useless work that came before, he was distracted when I needed him to be focused. And then we spent the rest of the night drilling in answers that we have no idea are right because of course they are worded with trickery. School just seems like such a waste of time these days and I am losing my enthusiasm due to the uselessness of the process. I can’t help and wonder if teachers ever question if this method makes any sense. I just don’t get it. Be a thinker. Be open to change. Check if what you are doing is helping you achieve a certain outcome. Don’t blindly follow. Find your own path and lead. We need more leaders and less followers. More thinkers and less aimless doers.