Plant Those Seeds


We have an option to succumb to weakness or lead by example. Sometimes it seems like life throws us a series of uphill battles until we grow tired and weary. It’s easy for discouragement to creep in until we wave the white flag and let out a defeated sigh as we choke out the words I surrender.

In this day and age, the ones called to lead are following and the ones meant to follow are leading. We have a responsibility to turn things right side up.

We can either sit back and watch things happen or we step into the calling to make things happen. Don’t get discouraged. Remain consistent and believe that your example is a seed. Keep planting and one day you will see a harvest!


You Reap What You Sow


There’s been a disturbing topic that has come up the last few weeks. I guess I have been numb to it until my eyes were forced open and I started to see the pattern all around me. I see it on social media and in the news and unfortunately it breathes its ugly life into families as well. People find fault with everything and everyone like they get paid for it. We are not put on this earth to fix people and especially not to determine who needs fixing. We are all sinners, a work in progress and we have enough work to do on our own selves before we even should have time to notice another persons flaws. None of us are worthy of that job and I do believe the generational seeds of criticism, blame and unworthiness have been planted so frequently that they are now growing out of control everywhere I look. The crops from those seeds are destroying relationships, our families, our countries. It is time to pray for crop failure that is tearing people apart and taking humanity out with it. Plant love and praise and watch how different your relationships begin to grow in a positive, healthy direction.

Today I say no more! Those seeds have no place in my home. I won’t receive them and I will resist them with every ounce of strength I have left. In this house we will find reasons to build one another up. We will speak positively toward one another and we will grow in the direction of love. Remember that you reap what you sow. Plant love and everyone wins. You want to see some change? Start here. Tell people what is RIGHT and GOOD about them and if you can’t see anything, the problem most likely lives inside of you. The time for change is right now.