Don’t Be a Jerk


This is a gentle reminder that acting like a jerk can really ruin someone’s day. Control yourself.

I was headed to take my little dogs for their yearly exam today. They run all over the car and one dog gets very anxious when he is going someplace and whines the entire way. I was already feeling a little anxious and trying to get there safely. Apparently I wasn’t driving fast enough for the guy in the big white truck behind me because as I made the turn into the parking lot, he held down his horn until he was completely past me. The noise really startled me and I was already feeling pretty anxious. When did driving the speed limit give someone the right to get aggravated to the point they act like a maniac? Just don’t do that. I hope you know better.

Order In The Court


If you are judging someone for judging, you are both judging. If you do it first it’s bad enough, but to criticize and then judge back makes you a hypocrite.

There are some topics that seem to bring out the worst in us. Don’t allow yourself to go there. You know what I always say, be bitter or be better.