Tis The Season


We went to the mall yesterday with three million other shoppers. Everyone was moving slowly and the mission I was on was taking more time than I had to offer it. Not only were people leisurely gliding from side to side so I couldn’t get around them, I had to deal with those giant sized electric ride on stuffed animals. It seemed that the grandfathers were all too excited to grab a child and ride these slow moving creatures throughout the mall to avoid stepping into a single shop. I wanted to scream and kick these bears, elephants and pandas clear across the floor and out of my path. I realized the rage I was feeling was not appropriate for this joyous Christmas season so I decided to drop what I was doing and get the heck out of there. This the season to be….

Before My Eyes


Today was cold. I actually dragged my Uggs out and dusted them off to wear on my feet. It’s easy to not notice the things that are obvious and staring me right in the face. When you look at something day after day, the changes are so subtle that they often go unnoticed. We went to the outlets today to get the kids some winter clothes. Today that in between stage came to an end as my youngest moved out of kids clothes and into men’s clothes. I had to notice. I couldn’t miss that one. The clothes are so much bigger on “that” side of the store and I stood there shaking my head wondering, when did all of this happen? My youngest, my baby, in men’s clothes. Look closer. Don’t miss the changes that are happening right before your eyes. Find a way to ignore the distractions and pay attention to what is really important. Someday you will look back on this day and probably wish you looked a little closer. Start now. Do it today.

Do You Know the Difference?


I sat at the dinner table tonight and I asked each of my kids the same two questions. I pointed to two body parts and asked them to tell me what they were. Both answered breast and thigh and I was elated they knew the difference. Obviously the man at the meat counter wasn’t as smart and needs to study the parts of a chicken a bit longer before he serves them to customers. I was really looking forward to that chicken breast. Oh well.

Don’t Go In The fitting Room!


I did today what most woman dread to do. I walked into Dillard’s, scooped up several bathing suits and ventured into the fitting room to try them on. For years I have been self conscious about my body. I would stand in front of that mirror and magnify every single flaw. That’s exactly what the mirror was for me, a magnifying glass. I would walk in feeling hopeful and come out feeling completely disgusted and depressed. But today was a much different story. I picked out colorful suits. I walked away from the plain black suits that I could always hide away in and chose the brightest, most colorful suits I could find. One after the other, I put piece after piece on and loved them all. I reminded myself with each new suit that I am the same weight now as I was the day I graduated from high school. I have given birth twice and lived 43 years in this tired body. And you know what? It rocks. I’m not perfect. I am full of flaws but this time I focused on the whole and not the individual parts that have caused me such stress over the last several years. So, now I have a whole new fun wardrobe of swimming attire and I am looking forward to wearing them proudly in public. This is my body. It is who I am and I can choose to embrace it or choose to be ashamed of it. I am the best version of me that I can be and it doesn’t matter what the girl lying on the chair next to me looks like. There is no reason to compare. There is a great freedom that comes with self-acceptance. There is freedom in being cured from the disease to always want to be someone different or be something greater than we are. Be you and be happy. The bottom line is this. Your body looks exactly the same in a plain black suit or a crazy, colorful one. Buy the crazy one and wear it proudly.

What The Hell Is Your Problem?


There is a very fine line behind rude and joking. I will even go as far to say there is a fine line between approaching someone and harassing them. Why are people so darn rude? If I counted on my hand how many times a stranger has stopped me to compliment me or say something kind, I would probably only need one hand. However…..

Yesterday I was walking through the store trying to find my son some clothes. I have been insisting that me 12 year old is not growing but the bottom of his shorts meeting his mid- thigh was the confirmation I needed to buy him some longer shorts. Let me just say I have lived in 5 different states. I do not necessarily believe any one is more important than the other. So, while I was strolling through the Oklahoma store in my Texas Longhorn sweatshirt, a very old, nasty man, in a very rude man stood in my path and said, “Excuse me mam, has no- one taught you yet that this is OU country?” I kindly reminded him that this is America and there is plenty of room for all types of clothing.

I am sick of jerks. I am tired of people only approaching me to be a smart ass or taunt me for one reason or another. I think I am going to buy a shirt that says, “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Then Move On 😉 ” I really don’t know what is wrong with some of the people living in Oklahoma. I have never experienced this anywhere else. In fact when we went to Texas for spring break, no-one even noticed my Oklahoma attire. I even got harassed for carrying an orange chair through OU country. It’s just not funny to me that people are becoming so confrontational and mean. They don’t think twice about handing an insult but I guess a compliment just costs too much. Sometimes it is not what is said but it is the tone it is said in. When you stand in front of me and block me from moving and then follow me around a store while they I try and get away, that is harassment my friend. Who exactly do we think we are that we can bully someone for the clothes they wear? If it was a joke, I did not find any humor in it and the fact that I was trying to get away as quietly and politely as I could while people were stopped watching should have been hint enough. This is only the beginning but I will not tolerate it. Sports mean little to me and I don’t even watch football, so get out of my face and go home and watch some tv. Seriously, give me a break! Just leave people alone and mind your own business or maybe go out of your way to be nice to a stranger sometime and see what a different reaction you get. People have enough on their plates without getting heckled by total strangers.

And For This Weeks Feel Good Story


Every week, I search the internet for a story that will make everyone’s heart smile. This week I didn’t have to look too far, I found my inspiration right under my own roof. There is something really special about someone with a light hearted, playful spirit. Especially when that person can so innocently and easily bring a smile to the faces of the people around him. The story I would like to share this week is about my silly son.

We headed to IHOP this morning for their free short stack promotion. After finishing our breakfast, we donated money to Children’s Miracle Network and headed on over to my favorite little store. Chase always has a silly little way of switching up words and the pronunciation of them that keeps me laughing each and every day. So, as we were driving across town he asked so innocently, “mom, where is Crack in The Barrel?” That is what started off the laughter that was about to follow for the next few hours,

Chase was NOT happy about our side trip to Charming Charlies but decided to put on his best attitude and join us for a fun little time. When I turned around to look at him I could not believe my eyes. This kid and his go with flow attitude can warm the coldest of hearts. I am so grateful for his gentle, playful, silly little spirit and when I need to be reminded of how lucky I am, I never need to look very far. Here are some pictures of our shopping excursion. I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride. Notice my daughter in the background of the first picture, she is absolutely mortified.




I Am An addict!


My name is Kim and I have an addiction. Yes, it’s true folks. I have decided I have a real problem. I was so very blessed this past year that I got to travel all over and frequently. Since this time last year, I have been to Turkey, Greece, Destin Florida, Alabama Shores and Los Cabos, Mexico. Seriously, I could not feel luckier if I won the lottery. However, I brought a lot of souvenirs home with me all around my mid section. Yes, I ate and ate and gained a ton of weight. Over the last four months I have worked very hard and lost 17 pounds. So, my new addiction? Yes, you guessed it clothes! Tight shirts, baggy sweaters, jeans, dresses, scarves….you name it! I just can’t help myself because honestly, I have not been at this weight for a very long time. Did I mention scarves! Of right, I did. It feels wonderful to feel so happy and confident again. Before, I dreaded going out and picking something to wear for the day and now I get excited. It sounds corny, I know, but I have never really cared about the way I dressed before. So now, I will have to find a way to deal with my new addiction and hopefully not replace it with another dangerous one. Before, I would reward myself with food that did absolutely nothing to help my self esteem. Although clothes are a bit more healthy, they are also a whole lot more expensive. So say a prayer that I beat this thing and replace it with something like say walking. That would be healthy and not cost a dime. What are your crazy addictions? I’d love to hear about them!

It’s My Thanksgiving, I will Shop If I Want Too! (Miley’s newest song?)


I keep seeing these nagging insinuations and insulting comments, especially on Facebook, about the fact that some people will be shopping on Thanksgiving. I’d like to offer my two cents. For one, if you don’t agree with shopping on Thanksgiving then it is your prerogative not to do it. However, I would like to bring up what may seem as a silly point to some. Football is on 4 days a week. If I take the time to travel and visit with family, I am insulted the tv is even on. Yet, for most people there would be no Thanksgiving without sitting around a football game. But, that is not my choice to make. To each his own. What I don’t like is how we are always trying to make others feel guilty for the choices they make but yet, when we turn the finger around and point it the other way, all of a sudden it becomes none of our business.

I remember traveling to Dallas last year for Thanksgiving. We stopped at a Starbucks halfway in between for coffee and restrooms. I remember a conversation I had with 2 of the counter workers. I asked if they were bummed they had to work on a holiday. Both agreed they were ecstatic. They only had to put in a few hours and the extra money they would make getting paid time and a half would go a long way that time of year.

So, remember we all have the right to make choices that suit ourselves and our lifestyle. If you want to point a finger at me because I may swing by Walmart to get a 50 inch tv at the price of $288.00 think again before you criticize me. It just might be the tv that allows you to watch football at my house if you ever happen to stop in on Thanksgiving. So there!