It’s a Bird, Its a plane, Its a Supermoon!


Last night, like so many others, I sat outside with my daughter and watched the moon. I don’t normally spend a Sunday evening out under the stars and I must admit, it was kind of nice. I could feel the first hint of fall hidden in the chilly night. There is something about being outside that fills me with a sense of peace. As a kid, I was out there all the time but life is much different now than it was thirty years ago. All these distractions keep us away from what our souls need the most, a little time to be in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy world. I hope you took a few minutes to sit outside too. I couldn’t help but think of how connected I felt to all the others who were out there somewhere doing exactly the same thing. That connection is powerful and it is palpable if you are paying attention. So how about you? Did you spend some time looking at the moon?

Words of Encouragement



I wrote this a few months ago but I believe these words are worth repeating

At times we are absolutely sure the sky is failing. We walk around scared and vulnerable just waiting for the pieces to come crashing down. Truthfully, we are stronger than we know and when we have to depend on the support of our legs to hold us up, somehow they find the strength to support us against the brunt of the force. Wear your strength and faith like a hard hat. You have everything you need to get you through whatever life throws your way. Remember to deal with the facts. Sure, it may look cloudy and those clouds are quickly lowering but the sky is not really falling. You can do this, just take it one minute at a time and remember to breathe. It’s okay to be scared. We will all face something at one time or another that will crack the very foundation we’ve spent years of our lives trying to strengthen. Stop looking up at the sky and focus on what’s beneath you. You are strong and you are grounded and you will make it through.

Change Your Attitude


Today I really recognized the difference in a positive and negative attitude. My husband is usually positive by nature but this morning the negativity coming out of his mouth was unusual and amusing. So, we have bag worms. Maybe there will be three less trees in our yard to hug but there are plenty others. He went on and on while I was silently celebrating that Starbucks brought the mocha coconut back! And can you believe this is the first time I’ve been able to sit outside and feel comfortable with this tremendous heat wave we’ve been having. I’m elated.

The sky is not falling. Keep the small things where they belong, small. Don’t get caught up in the little things that can add up to be bigger than they actually are. One problem at a time is less overwhelming that the sum of the whole. Don’t dump your problems on whoever is around because you’re problems are not their problems. They have enough of their own. Nobody wants to be around someone who constantly complains, believe me, it’s true. Everything is not a tragedy. The world is not conspiring against you.  Spread a compliment or something positive and keep the complaining to yourself. You can be a ray of sunshine or a dark cloud. Which will you choose?

A Breath of Life


I love this time of year. Everywhere I look is a sign of life slowly creeping back in. The grass is starting to show a few shades of green and if you look closely at the trees, the first few blooms of spring are giggling, dangling there on the ends of the branches, teasing to come out. As I was sitting in the hot tub tonight, I was filled with awe. I watched the golden hue fade to dark as the sun fell beneath the horizon. I watched the clouds gently glide across the sky as the light caught them at just the right moment to make them appear like big, fluffy ocean waves. I saw the first star twinkle so effortlessly in the sky and for the first time in awhile, it felt wonderful to just breathe. When we are in nature, when we are fortunate to catch the gentle unfolding of time, when we can sit in silence and stare at the canvas before us painted so perfectly, flawless in its beauty, we are suddenly reminded that we are part of it too. That beauty, that peace, that magnificence is in each and every one of us and it is only when we breath the same rhythm and slow down to the natural pace of the universe do we remember that we are made of the same things. I am grateful when I am not controlled by the clock, when time becomes a stillness, and I have found that moment to just pause and take in everything around me, bottling it up and filling me with the energy all around me as I sigh to myself and take one last amazing breath before I walk back into the house and get on with the rest of the day.

My Life In A Picture


It’s funny, when you have a love for writing you are always on a quest to find the perfect words. Words that describe your feelings like they are spilling outside of your body exposing you to the rest of the world. We look for quotes to find meaning and write the words we need to inspire ourselves to follow our dreams. When we read words that we can identify with, we get this silly rush and become one with the words. There is no telling where they start or where we begin.

Tonight, I looked outside and I could feel my eyes growing wider with awe. If there was a perfect scene or picture to describe who I am I was staring it in the face as I ran for my camera. Here it is. I will not put the meaning into words, for I feel that would rob one of the chance of interpretation. What do you see?


The Power of Reflection


Sometimes I see some beautiful sunsets from my backyard. Lately though, I have been so focused on the spot the sun actually goes down that I have missed the bigger picture. Yesterday I hopped in the hot tub and just when I thought the moment was a total dud I looked over to the left and I was amazed at what I saw. The clouds had become fluffy layers of soft cotton cotton. If I had to put a flavor to them I would guess they would be bubblegum. As I watched, the color became brighter and reminded me of watermelon until finally they deepened into a beautiful shade of rasberry. I remember as a kid pretending the colored sky was filled with cotton candy. If only I could reach my hand up high enough to grab a piece for myself. I even wonder if that’s where someone thought up the idea of cotton candy in the first place. If the idea was born to perfect a beautiful fluffy mess of flavored clouds by someone innocently staring up at the colorful sky.

Eventually the color drained from the sky and all that was left were some gray clouds. It was in that moment that I realized how we create what we see by how we shine our light on it. Are we so focused on something or someone that we miss the the true picture of the beauty we could see if we allowed our light to reflect upon it? Do we even take the time to notice at all? Or do we only see the dullness of gray and miss the experience of the sunset all together? Imagine how beautiful everything would look in just the right amount of light. We can’t see it if we aren’t looking.