Perspective Changes Everything


I have an irrational fear of spiders. It started when I was very young and continues to this day. As a young girl, I remember my brother chasing me with a dead spider while I was yelling and crying. I knew it was dead but the thought of that thing coming close to my skin was too much to imagine.

Today I was floating in the pool and looked up just in time to see a spider climbing on my float. I screamed and carried on like I was being attacked until I made my way out of the pool and scooped it up into the net. 

I was just cozying up on my chair once again when out of the corner of my eye I saw it there, head bobbing above the water trying to get out. Only this time it wasn’t a spider. Nope, this time a snake! Absolute panic overtook me at that moment of terror as I once again worked me way out of the pool. Funny thing is, that spider doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore but you can bet I won’t be going out there anytime soon.

Help! There’s a Tarantula At My Front Door


I remember as a child having a ridiculously irrational fear of spiders…even dead ones. My brother would chase me screaming through the house as I carried on like a complete hysterical psychopath. “Kimberly, that’s enough now. I think you’re being a little ridiculous.” Ridiculous? Are you kidding me? My mother was supposed to save me from everything and now she is referring to my fear as ridiculous. That being said, my husband is out of town. I was out in the yard when I heard my son yell “mom!” His voice sounded weird so when I quickly ran into the house to see what was wrong, he informed me there was a gigantic tarantula at the front door. I chuckled a little and bravely flung the door opened. That is when I saw it. Hairy and creepy and ugly sitting right there begging me to scream. I couldn’t breathe. My heart started racing and just thinking about it made my skin crawl. I was in full blown panic mode. I posted a picture on Facebook and the best advice I received was to burn my house down.

Yes, I did survive. I am still here to tell my story but he is out there somewhere lurking around just waiting for me to step back outside. I finally called a neighbor who sent his teenage son over to rescue me with a tennis racket. He got the ugly, scary thing to crawl onto the racket and he asked me what I wanted him to do with it. “Kill him you idiot” is what I was screaming in my head but it was too late. I was so scared I ran inside and watched through the window. He started crawling up the racket, so Sam ran toward the side of my house and flung it as hard as he could. I have one very serious question? How in the world am I going to sleep tonight? I am completely freaked out and every time I blink my eyes he is there inside my mind. I guess this will be one of those growing opportunities, where I can face my fear head on and hope and pray nothing touches my skin in the dark. If it does, you will know it because I’m sure you will hear me screaming no matter where it is that you live in this world. Here is a picture of my friend in case it didn’t get your attention at the top of this post.IMG_6635.JPG