God’s Not Dead


If you are familiar with these three words, I am guessing you saw the movie too. Actually, a fellow blogger wrote a review on the movie and I was intrigued enough to go and check it out for myself. I personally enjoyed it. I love a book or movie that moves me. I love to walk away contemplating my own beliefs and why I feel so strongly about them.

I’ve learned a few things recently. The first is that religion divides. Religion makes people hate and act poorly toward one another. It is used as an excuse to hate, but it is not the religion itself but rather the people and the way they interpret their religion that causes us to get it so wrong. We get caught up in our humanness and it confuses what is real and what is not. My God does not hate. He accepts, He forgives and He loves, period. However, it is the fault of the people and their need and desire to push their beliefs on others that causes the greatest divide. People need to learn on their own. People need to see on their own. Sometimes, there are not enough words in the universe to change someone’s mind. The more we try, the more resistance we face. We are all entitled to our individual beliefs and who are we to tell another what they should believe as well. People love to argue over whether or not there even is a God and the hypocrisy is that by believing and pushing beliefs on someone else is like taking on the role of God yourself. I’m right. You’re wrong. Who do we think we are, acting as if our own truth is more real than the truth of another? What makes us think we have the right to push each other around and call each other hateful names? This is not love or peace or acceptance. This is ego and attitude and power. Those words do not exist in my version of religion.

I believe it is up to each and every one of us to decide for ourselves. When you come to your own truth it just feels right. It speaks deeper than words and is palpable in ways that words cannot express.

I have learned that religion is very personal. It should not be debated but should be respected. Remember, someone else’s truth is just as real to them as your truth is to you. For me, I do believe in God and I am proud to share the message of the movie. God’s not dead. It’s not up for discussion. It is the right choice for me. I respect everyone regardless whether you believe or not. That is your prerogative and your personal choice.

The movie was a pleasant surprise. I did not walk in with any expectations and the story held my attention all the way through. Will you see Tom Cruise or Demi Moore? Definitely not but it is worth seeing especially if your mind is open.

Finding My Oxygen Mask


Ahhhh yoga! Let’s see, how would I describe it? Perhaps like an oxygen mask that breathes new air into your lungs when you can’t catch your breath . Or maybe the way it feels that first day of spring when you can finally open up all your windows after being locked up inside. That feeling you get inside of you as that gentle breeze blows through your entire house when everything feels a little lighter and the space expands all around you. Or imagine being trapped under a 200 pound weight and the way you’d feel when someone lifts the weight of the world off of your chest….that is how yoga feels. So, why am I writing about this. I went to yoga class today feeling extremely miserable and especially exhausted. I only slept 3 hours last night and my motivation to go was the Starbucks right next door. I walked in lacking energy and mad at the world and I walked out with a smile on my face feeling 100 pounds lighter. And I could have been, because that room was extra steamy today. There is something remarkable about walking outside after a good sweat, soaking wet and feeling the fresh air on your skin as you head to your car. It reminds me of being at the beach on a chair in the water, when the perfect wave comes along and hits you just right. That tingly feeling you get when you are slightly chilly, but still feel the warmth of the sun at the same time. Why am I telling you this? That’s easy, it’s just something that is so special to me that I want to share it with the rest of the world. I can’t really put my finger on why I’ve grown to love it so much. Maybe the flow of my breath with the movement helps me feel that flow in life when I walk out the door. Maybe that flow makes me feel connected to everyone and everything in a way like never before. Or perhaps it’s the steady I find in a pose, when I finally remember to focus. Imagine walking that out the door and into everything you do. Maybe it’s the position of lying on my side after savasana and feeling the support of the ground underneath me. Today, for the first time, as I lay back on the mat, I found that moment in between sleep and awake when the mind quiets and the body becomes completely relaxed. Sometimes I find it and sometimes my head just won’t quiet down. But today, I was there in a moment, and the 5 minutes I let myself go, made up for the hours of sleep I neglected myself of the night before. I sat up, sealed it all in and took it home.

There’s this pose we tried in class that I really have been aching to master. At first I couldn’t get my feet off the floor because I couldn’t find the strength, or I’d lean too far forward and fall on my nose because I couldn’t seem to find my balance. But tonight, I did it. Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but it was perfect enough for me. It felt so good when I got it just right. Tonight I learned, it wasn’t all about strength at all. It was about finding that perfect place between strength and balance. They go hand and hand, and one without the other does not get the job done. I hope my words help you find your in between. The difference will amaze you and maybe even change your life. Namaste.


I Had A Dream


Last night I had a talk with God. He told me the idea of redistribution of wealth was intriguing and he wanted to relay a message to the world through my blog. Starting today, he would implement that plan of awakening to the entire world. Are you excited to see how that plan will change your life and affect you? Well, heres how: momentarily he will redistribute health, so those around us suffering could have some relief by others taking on their pain. Next, he would redistribute souls, so the people among us that walked in darkness could see the light, and those of us that already knew could take on their once dark souls. Aren’t you glad it was only a dream?

What Color is Your World?


Imagine the beauty you would miss in the world if you could only see in black and white. For it is in the midst of all color, our world truly shines. My intention for this wonderful world is that our sight goes much deeper than what we can see with our human eyes. For it is the color of our very soul, and not the color of our skin, that in the end, matters most. Here is something to ponder, have you ever wondered why we all have the same color beating heart? Maybe we should place our intent and focus on the ways we are all the same and less focus on the differences that are tearing us apart. Maybe, just maybe the world would be better off if we were all color blind… I changed my mind.

A Chance Encounter


I had a rare and odd encounter this afternoon at a local Starbucks. There I was, sitting with a friend, when all of a sudden I felt a presence. I turned to see where it was coming from as a man walked through the door. It was no surprise at all, that he ended up sitting directly across from us because I knew, for whatever reason, we were meant to cross paths. I noticed as the man sat down that he appeared to be meditating. His eyes were slightly open and I could see a small part of the whites of his eyes. It didn’t take long for him to lean forward and engage in conversation with us. He was incredibly and refreshingly friendly and it was nice to have someone extend a conversation. So often, I sit in that same chair and watch people pass by. It’s almost as if I am invisible, the way they brush past me, seeing nothing but the phone they are staring down at in their hand. But this man was different.

It’s so funny how 2 people can see the same situation in such a different way. My friend was a bit leery of this man and referred to him as theatrical. She didn’t feel he was being genuine and I had to ask her this question. Is it maybe that people are so disingenuous that we can no longer recognize its counterpart in a crowd? Maybe, we have become so accustomed to people not looking into our eyes, or not extending acknowledgement of another’s presence that we look beyond the beautiful gift someone offers us when they acknowledge ours? It has definitely left me with something I cant help but give a great deal of thought.

She also told me that when I stepped away he threw his hands up and starting chanting. A few weeks ago, I might have considered this man mad, but now after practicing yoga and meditation myself, I understood him in a new way. He bid us farewell as he closed his eyes and reached his hand in our direction. My guess is he was sending energy, as he said he could feel we were going to have a wonderful 2013 and he would remember to keep our family’s in his prayers. I couldn’t help but hope, as I drove away, that there would be more people just like Nathan that would cross my path in the future. People that leave me feeling important and not making me wonder if my existence matters.