Disgraceful Behavior at the Olympics? You Decide!


With all the attention over athletes not putting their hand on their heart during the playing of our National Anthem at the Olympics this year, I realized something simple we may have overlooked. The lesson came in the form of an innocent text from my 14 year old son. He snapped a picture of directions explaining how to set up a password for a school account. It explained to use initials+birthday(month, day, year). Example: oh022016. It seems like a no brainier right yet he actually needed help. Apparently, I never taught him the month of January was month 1. It seemed so obvious to me so I assumed he must have known. I wonder if the athletes were in a similar position. Maybe they were never taught what was proper form and the whole idea of them being purposely disrespectful was not the truthful narrative at all. To be honest, I did not know putting my hand on my heart was required and maybe, just maybe, our athletes didn’t know either. I really believed standing at attention was enough until I googled the US Code National Anthem that clearly describes what is appropriate and what is not. Sometimes we have to give people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes it’s necessary to lead by educating those who do not know instead of embarrassing and humiliating them. What do you think?