There Is Only One Today


Well, this is it! The last weekend before school gets off to a chaotic start. One thing I love most about summer is certainly not the intense heat we’ve been having week after week. It’s not the daily ice cream cones or even firing up the grill almost every night. So, what is it then?

 I am the kind of person that does not like to be tied down to a schedule. I love the freedom to pick and choose how I spend every moment of the day instead of being prisoner to a calendar that is always in conflict with my own needs and desires. We have to go here tonight and don’t forget Wednesday night we have to go… There is no end, just beginning after beginning of something else we have to do.

So, how am I going to spend this last glorious weekend before the circus begins again? However I want too. Yes, I will miss you summer! I will miss your freedom, your lazy days and the opportunity to sleep in. Today though, I will not think about tomorrow or next week. I will allow myself to just be here now, today, in this moment that will never come again. How will you spend the weekend?