Calm After the Storm


My own words proved to be very true today. A few hours ago I was caught off guard as the sound of tornado sirens screamed from my backyard. I wasn’t really expecting bad wether today but as soon as I read a text from one of my friends that read, get in your shelter now, I knew it would be an interesting afternoon. I panic inside. When that big, black cloud circles overhead, I feel trapped and afraid. Lucky for us it never touched down. At least not today. 

A few months before we moved into this house it was hit by a tornado. The house across the street would eventually be torn down. The threat is very real. I referred to the quote about life earlier that simply states, it goes on. Every moment does pass and there is a calm both before and after the storm. If I could put those words into a picture, it would look something like this. Hard to believe this was the view from my backyard after such a stormy day. It goes on…

What Is So Great About Bloggers?


Why are bloggers so great? If I had to pick one reason, it would be that they have a way of giving the gentlest friendliest kick in the butt when you need it most. Not the kind of kick that knocks you down but rather the kind of kick that moves you forward. Sometimes, it is their kind words that open your own eyes to a perspective you were unable to get to on your own. This is my way of saying a great big thank you to everyone that shows compassion, offers words of advice and encouragement and to anyone that takes the time to read my posts. 

I was sitting out back earlier tonight in awe of the beautiful sunset happening right there before my eyes. I chuckled to myself as I remembered there are reminders and lessons all around us if we are paying enough attention. I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s a coincidence that our day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset. No matter how ugly our day can seem and regardless of whether it was good or bad, it begins and ends with something amazingly calm and beautiful. It is a gentle nudge to remember not to focus so much on the little details of the day but to find the beauty in the bigger picture. We all have beautiful gifts in our lives. Sometimes we get caught up in our insecurities and sink into our disappointments and we just lose sight of all that is good. You can only see what you look for so remember to look for the good. Find the beautiful in yourself and your own life and learn to be gentle and kind. Give yourself a break and know it’s okay to make mistakes and be a little less that perfect sometimes. Make a mental list of all that is good and throw that other list away. You are strong, you are special and you are absolutely perfect just the way you are. Don’t hold yourself to a standard that would be impossible for anyone to achieve. Know you do your best and be okay with whatever that is. You are not meant to beat yourself up. You are meant to love yourself. 

My Slice of Heaven


Do you have a favorite time of day? Mine is right about the time the sun goes down. I love the way the sunset casts a heavenly shadow of color all around me. It is a moment of calm in my day, a quiet solitude where I feel nothing but gratitude for the beauty around me. This is what I am blessed to see every evening. Take a look.


My Peace I Give


I caught it tonight’s, right at the perfect moment. Tonight I missed yoga to have a movie day with my family. The topic today was feeling the peace of God. I do believe that truly experiencing those moments of peace are the ones that feel most fulfilling. As I looked out the back window a moment ago, the beautiful shades of orange and pink made my heart stand still. I haven’t seen a sunset this beautiful in a long time. It was like looking peace right in the eye and pulling it straight into my heart. I am grateful for the little moments. For moments like these, when I catch a glimpse of what peace really is on so many different amazing levels. My intention tonight is to have more moments of peace and for everyone reading this to experience that same kind of peace too. The kind of peace that makes you say thank you for where I am and can I please stay here just a little bit longer. Many blessings tonight and always. Peace be with each and every one of you.

My Life In A Picture


It’s funny, when you have a love for writing you are always on a quest to find the perfect words. Words that describe your feelings like they are spilling outside of your body exposing you to the rest of the world. We look for quotes to find meaning and write the words we need to inspire ourselves to follow our dreams. When we read words that we can identify with, we get this silly rush and become one with the words. There is no telling where they start or where we begin.

Tonight, I looked outside and I could feel my eyes growing wider with awe. If there was a perfect scene or picture to describe who I am I was staring it in the face as I ran for my camera. Here it is. I will not put the meaning into words, for I feel that would rob one of the chance of interpretation. What do you see?