I feel like I’ve been split open and stuffed with sunshine. Tahereh Mafi

I love this time of year! This seemed like the perfect quote for today. May everyone feel the joy and magic of this beautiful season.

My Heart Is Full


I had such a great evening. I am so darn serious sometimes. Last night, I spent some time with Mr. Silly. I must remember how blessed I am to have a son who is so light hearted and full of life. He is a reminder that the happiest people of all are the ones who are more silly and less somber. He is a free spirit with clever wit and has a laugh that makes my heart sing. He is so curious and genuinely compassionate. He is a mixture of red bull and pop rocks, just exploding with excitement to live his life. His excitement toward learning is exhausting and contagious at the same time. He is a talker, a communicator and I love that he enjoys sharing with me as much as he does. He makes me laugh and he finds a way to pick me up when I have lost my way. I am so blessed for the amazing life I have. He is a reminder to not take everything to heart. He is an example of freedom and happiness and his spirit is surrounded by the most beautiful light. He is funny by nature and kind to the core. He is a ray of sunshine on a dreary day. He is my sparkle on the dullest day. 

I am so grateful for so many amazing things in my life. My heart is so full. What are you grateful for today?

A Little Drop of Rain


As a little girl, I remember singing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow song over and over again. As an adult, I’ve come to realize that the sun will come out eventually but it may not be as soon as we would like it to be. We may face rainy day after rainy day that may last for weeks at a time. We may give up hope that the sun will ever shine again as our life seems darker and darker and we are drained of all hope. We cannot prevent the rainy times that will beat down on our lives. We cannot wish them away or hurry them up. We must listen to the storm and feel the rain until that glimmer of light shines through the cloud. It will be okay. We will be okay. It just takes time. And when the sun does come back out, it will be more beautiful than you ever remember. Life is a cycle of ebb and flow, ups and downs, good times and hard times but everything comes full circle in the end. For anyone having a tough time, you are not alone and this time will pass. Until then, dream of the sunshine as the cold rain falls gently on you. 

Drenched In The Rain


I was riding home today when it really hit me. Sometimes to appreciate the sunshine we have to spend some time in the rain. That is how depression feels. You are stuck in the storm and you have no other choice then to live in the darkness. Today I felt happy, really, really happy for the first time in a very long time. That dread, that doom and gloom was left behind as I glanced in my rear view mirror and left it behind. One thing I know for sure is when you struggle with depression, feeling happy, really happy is a blessing from God when it finally comes along. I can’t help but wonder if feeling so sad is a blessing in disguise because when happiness finally bites you on the backside, there are no words to describe the appreciation you feel. The bottom line is there will be good days and there will be bad days. There is a reason and a purpose for both. But when you get a good day, embrace it. Be grateful and feel the sun on your face. The rain, the storm will eventually pass and then you can bask in the sun again.

Tell Me


What made you happy today? That was a question I  saw on Facebook. For me, it was something very simple. My daughter and I cleaned the car today. It had been ages since someone took a rag to the inside or sprayed some index on the windows. It was nice to spend time with her. I admit, I did offer her ten dollars but she worked for every single penny and the car looks fantastic. We both drove to the car wash and it was so silly watching how nervous she was to line her tires up just perfectly. Then, the three of us, my son, my daughter and myself went to grab some lunch. It’s a beautiful day here. The sun is shining and it is 65 degrees. It feels like heaven after the week of snow we had. 

Sometimes we try and force happy and other times, like today, it just happens unexpectedly. So tell me, what made you happy today. I’d love for you to share.

A New Week


Let this Monday feel like the first ray of sunshine you feel on a warm sunny day. May it fill you with warmth, love and hope for many more moments of sunshine as your week goes by. Remember to look for the little things that put a smile on your face. Get excited about your day and what it has to offer. Expect the unexpected and let gratitude carry you through the day. Believe that this week holds wonderful things and maybe, just maybe, it will!

My Little Ray of Sunshine


Do you ever notice that there are certain events and people that can change your day in a single moment? Random acts of kindness do that for me. Feeling the warmth of the sun or a gentle breeze on my face does that for me. There is one little girl, however, that can make me smile bigger and longer than anything else in this entire world. When I answer the phone and hear the sweet little voice of my 2 year old niece, no matter what kind of mood I was in before, I go straight to happy. I love her innocence and her silliness and the excited enthusiasm that spills over through her voice. She is like a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine that breaks through on the cloudiest of days. Sometimes, in yoga we are asked to envision a person that makes us feel warm and happy inside. She is my vision. I picture her smile and the light inside of my heart starts to glow. It spreads through my whole body and then extends out to the entire room. I can feel that loving energy all around me. I picture her as a tiny cutie mandarin, easy to hold and bursting at the seams with energy and love. Smelling like a small dose of fresh happiness. A tiny little fireball and sweet as can be all wrapped up into one perfect little being. I hope someday she knows how much I adore her. It’s so hard living away from family and those phone calls and pictures can get me through the hardest days. Sometimes, they make all the difference. Can you think of anyone who makes you feel that way?