Check Your Mailbox


A silly donut. That’s all I could think about when I woke up yesterday. My mouth was watering for one but the thought of venturing out in the cold to actually get one put a big halt in my plans. I went about my day but still had fleeting thoughts about how good that donut would taste. Around noon I checked my email and to my surprise there was a message to check my mailbox. In there, I found the sweetest surprise. Are you ready for this? All the way in the back was a tiny brown bag and when I looked inside….a donut. A neighbor of mine decided to share a small act of kindness and left it there for me to enjoy. The funny part? She had no idea I wanted a donut yesterday. I asked the Universe for a donut and it literally delivered it to my mailbox. Share the kindness and make someone smile today. I know this tiny donut made my day. Time to pay it forward.

Mums The Word


That’s what my brother ended his message with Friday night. My jaw dropped as I read the words. “I am getting married Tuesday, mums the word.”

Today I wrote a post about Monday. In it I said, expect the unexpected. Even as I wrote those words, I had no idea how they would dance into my story today. At noon I was sitting in my flannel pajama pants and by 2:15 I was on my way to the airport. How in the world could I miss such an important day? I made that flight and packed my clothes and now I am sitting on the plane for the last leg of my journey home. Oh, but don’t tell him because it’s a surprise. He has no idea I am on my way, shhh…mums the word!